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Grant Goodmorrow

April 30, 2006 / zebu

During an eye exam in High School Girls, one of the characters is trying to memorize the column of symbols which is suspiciously similar to the legendary Konami cheat code.

Up, Up   Down, Down   Left, Right

I know it's missing the final part, but the character does say "Left, Right" after the initial "Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right". Of course, the rest of it can't be said for obvious reasons...

The other day, some of my friends were marathoning Last Exile, and I decided to drop by around halfway through the series. Since I saw it before, I brought a bit of work to do. After an hour or so of sorting files, I decided to take a break and watch a bit. At that time, I noticed another spatula! I wish my timing was always that good...

While I try to figure out a way to increase my synchronicity, be on the lookout for unsavory characters when visiting the Pic of the Week.

April 23, 2006 / yoicks

The first pic on the left, from NANA, made me feel a bit uneasy because I immediately thought of several threads on 4chan about "TRAPS" (guys who look like girls). I haven't seen or read much of NANA, so I'll be cautious for now. You have to be careful with anime these days since so many guys look like girls. It reminds me of my traumatic experience with Five Star Stories...


The second pic, from Tantei Gakuen Q, is interesting enough in the fact that the "Windows" book is properly spelled, but the title of the row of books to the left say "PASOCON Girl". I did a search and came up with the following page about Kouda Mariko. The title appears under the "SHOW" section near the bottom. Curious...

Finally, it's a bit odd that in Ueki no Housoku, they bothered to put a sign above the SEiKKOU sign that reads "tokei" (watch). I thought that Seiko was famous enough for timepieces that it wouldn't need extra prompting. Perhaps the animators thought that the younger audience would be slightly confused by the English text and in order to create a proper parody a side note of sorts would be necessary.

While I try to forget about Ladios Sopp, check out the latest tidebreaker and grab a snack from the Pic of the Week.

April 16, 2006 / wadi

The "Welcom ToNigtmare" text from Air Gear manages to slightly amuse me because butchering the English language is one of my many hobbies.

welcom ToNigtmare

The fun doesn't stop there. We have to first take a look at some other signs from School Rumble and Yumeria, respectively. Given the curious items for sale in Japan, I wouldn't be too surprised if they actually did have a store that sold people named Ty.


It's been a while since I've seen a tidebreaker in anime, but my perseverance has paid off. Coupled with the Pic of the Week, my holiday weekend is complete.

April 9, 2006 / vomitory

Since I'm not much into sports, I can't really ID the people in the first picture from Canvas2, so I thought some of the readers of my site might have fun trying to figure it out...

English words are pretty common in anime, so it's interesting to see Chinese characters in the second pic from Family Guy. The second and fourth character don't really seem right, but I don't know that much Japanese, so it's probably just outside my knowledge.

Basketball Players  Almost Japanese Characters  EXIT

Finally, in Galaxy Angel TV: Season 4, I was surprised to see that after a billion episodes of spelling "EXIT" right, they butcher the letter "E". Of course, the quality in the animation started to drop a bit during the last season, and proper use of English letters is usually the first thing to suffer as a result.

While I search for sports icons and mangled Chinese characters, click on through to the Pic of the Week which should have proper spelling.


April 2, 2006 / seiche

Inconsistent frames in anime appear from time to time, and the first two pics from Peach Girl seemed like the usual slight oversight on the part of the animators. Then I asked myself, "Could an anime of this caliber really make such a simple mistake?" The answer was obviously "no", so I first theorized that the disappearing heart subtly symbolizes Momo's feelings. Given the complicated nature of the relationships in this series, it's necessary to provide hints about the emotions of certain characters to prevent confusion on the part of the viewers.

My second theory is that the different lighting of the scenes caused the heart to either appear in the first picture or disappear in the second picture. I'm still trying to figure out how that could possibly happen...

Peach with Heart   Peach without Heart   ride a blak bird

Speaking of subtle hints, a curious sign appeared in Capeta. "ride a blak bird" first made think of the famous SR-71 Blackbird (one of my favorite planes), but I think it actually refers to the Honda Blackbird since the show is about racing. If the animators really did mean to refer to the supersonic jet, that would be pretty cool...

While I set my clock ahead one hour, take a trip down memory lane with the Pic of the Week.

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