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Grant Goodmorrow

June 30, 2006 / paean

I'm off to Anime Expo, so just a Pic of the Week today.

June 25, 2006 / nodus

It seems like the gathering I mentioned before, is going to be missing a lot of people who originally said they would come, so I'm not sure what's going to happen with that. If it comes down to it, I'll see about crashing someone's hotel room or using my own for some casual gaming since I don't really care that much about tournaments; I just want to play a bunch of different people. I'm thinking of hanging a spatula off my backpack and a sign saying "Ask me about Doujin Fighters"...

I was watching Kokoro Library again the other day, and I noticed that there are shadows of cat ears around Kokoro's head despite the lack of anything to cast such a shadow. Curious...

Kokoro with nekomimi shadow  ucc

It was also interesting to note how "ucc" was unaltered in Yakitate!! Japan. Curiouser.

While I go look for a cool spatula to use for Anime Expo, check out the all-natural Pic of the Week.

June 18, 2006 / lief

Just enough time for a real quick update with the latest Pic of the Week.

June 11, 2006 / kapok

Anime Expo is just around the corner, and the guys over at World of Eternity are thinking of having a gathering. Make sure you also check out the official information thread if you're interested. I'll definitely go, since I'm planning to go to Anime Expo again this year.

I entered another contest on Studio Neko-Han-Ten, and I won another cool trinket (see the 15 May 06 entry on the butsu butsu butsu butsu... page). I received the angela pen the other day.

angela penlight angela penlight closeup

So far, my success rate with his contests is 75%. I'm looking forward to the next one...

While we can't all be winners, you can still partake in my latest rant about FanimeCon 2006, the latest spatulas, and the innuendo laden Pic of the Week.

June 4, 2006 / imago

As usual, I was trying to extrapolate the Japanese identity through a popular subculture when I happened upon the following pic from Keroro Gunsou.

Hate Ship

This is particularly interesting since the main character of Densha Otoko is a fan of Keroro Gunsou. Given the amount of devotion he has to this series, such subtle messages only cause people of his disposition to further shun society. To insinuate a negative point of view into something as innocent as a clothing department store goes beyond the moral and ethical boundaries for animators in Japan.

While the moral dilemmas faced by animators of invader frogs from outer space may seem esoteric to some, a more relevant social issue can be found in Futakoi.

Seatbelt Submarining

The issue of "submarining" regarding seatbelts, tends to be a topic under the radar of most people who watch shows that have pre-pubescent twins. Serious injury can result from the ill-fitting safety belts, and I'm surprised that references to this topic are quite lacking in anime.

Before it starts to get weird, partake in the latest spatula, and the morally corrupt Pic of the Week.

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