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Welcome to the Anime

I have been actively collecting anime since 1990, so I have seen quite a few things in my time. From romance to action, sci-fi to comedy, and many, many other genres, anime seems to cover all the bases when it comes to variety. It would be silly for me to make this section a general resource; there are much better places for such information - just browse through my Links section. This is my home for some oddities in anime that I notice, and a place to expound, praise, and/or ridicule particular titles.

The flagship of this part of Kitchen Discotheque is the Ads in Anime section, which will be updated every week. There, I take advantage of the convenience of technology to gather particularly interesting shots spoofing and/or paying homage to particular commercial brands. It's always fun to see what items from culture make their way into anime. Brain washing? You decide...

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