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.hack//SIGN & Me / November 12, 2003

I have been visting AnimeLyrics.com since its creation, and I am a semi-regular submitter to the site. I make mistakes and I encourage people to let me know about it. Unfortunately, I have been getting a lot of grief over my submission of lyrics for .hack//SIGN. Just take a look at the most recent post to feel my pain. I shall now set the record straight.

I bought the original CD [VICL-60905] straight from Japan via CD Japan. It is a first pressing, limited edition version that came with a mousepad that I even got signed by Kajiura Yuki.

Actual Import CD!

I'm pretty sure that she would've noticed if it was a bootleg. I actually stopped an ignorant fan from getting his bootleg copy signed - I try to help people when I can with my knowledge and experience in spotting bootlegs over the years.

As further proof of my ability to read and type, I present the following scan from the booklet, specifically for the song "aura" to refute those who claim that I am wrong.

Booklet Scan

It is pretty obvious that the lyrics in the book match with those in the .hack//SIGN section. What may not be so obvious is that the lyrics on the right are a translation of the English on the left. For those of you who don't know much Japanese, the line says moshi anata ga yami no soba ni iru no nara. Amazingly enough, this means if you are near to the dark! I dare say that this isn't a coincidence! The same is true for stray child, the other lyric mentioned in the post.

Finally, the claim that "I was told the the lyrics to alot of songs from .hack//sign from many different people, yet only this site says different" is quite weak. I did a search on Google and the top ten sites that had lyrics for .hack//SIGN were the same as the ones I posted. It's amazing how so many sites agree with me. It's probably because they are correct!

I think I have covered all of the points brought up in that post. The only thing I can't really confirm is if that person's claim that "Emily Bindiger says the lyrics you posted are wrong" is true or not; however, if I do get an email from Emily Bindiger, I'll be sure to fix the lyrics.

I doubt it though...

Note: I received a curious email from a Joshua Mullin on July 15, 2004 that said

Hey, I remember reading about your rant around 2003, I think. Something about "Aura"'s lyrics? Well anyway, I have a loose-email-friendship with Emily, so I'll ask her about that. (I need to talk to her anyway.) I know it's old, but I'd like to concrete either side with proof for you. (Personally though, I'm pretty sure you are right.)

Now, I didn't expect anyone to actually care enough about my rant to go through the trouble, but I was intrigued, so I encouraged him to ask. On July 16, 2004, I received the following response [I edited out non-relevant information]:

I don't ever recall saying anything about anything to anyone regarding lyrics being correct or incorrect! Stuff gets around sometimes.
All the best,

Curiouser and curiouser...

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