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Eternal Fighter Zero - Introduction / Disclaimer

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Eternal Fighter Zero

This document is meant to be a comprehensive overview for the latest version (3.10final) of the fan-made PC fighting game, Eternal Fighter Zero - Bad Moon Edition, copyrighted © by Twilight Frontier. In turn, the characters appearing in this game are copyrighted © by Key (present NEXTON). This document gives information on every character despite the fact some of the boss characters can not be officially unlocked and won't be mentioned in this guide.

Eternal Fighter Zero - Bad Moon Edition parodies Street Fighter Zero, is partly based on the Guilty Gear fighting engine, and uses characters from various Key and Tactics games. The games used, from oldest to newest are:

  1. Moon - Published by Tactics in 1997
    You are playing as Amasawa Ikumi. You and your mother were taken by FARGO and got remodified. You escaped successfully, but your mother died. Now you return to FARGO to discover its secrets and exact a bloody revenge.
    "...you murderer!"
    Character used: Ikumi

  2. One - Published by Tactics in 1998; republished by Kid in 1999; 4-part OAV released in 2001
    You are playing as Orihara Kouhei. Your sister died in an accident. You made a promise with your childhood friend that you will be her "only one" forever, but you forget it and break the promise. Now you're going to vanish, so you have to do your best before you vanish.
    "Eternity... it doesn't exist."
    Characters used: Mizuka, Rumi, Akane, Mio, Misaki, Mayu, Doppelganger Rumi, Unknown

  3. Kanon - Published by VisualArt's in 1999; republished by Interchannel in 2000; 13-part anime released in 2002.
    You are playing as Aizawa Yuuichi who returns to a town which you might have lived in seven years ago. As you meet several girls with their deep secrets, you have to bring back your memories to find the truth.
    "So... it's promised."
    Characters used: Ayu, Nayuki, Makoto, Mishio, Shiori, Kaori, Mai, Sayuri

  4. Air - Published by VisualArt's in 2001; republished by Interchannel in 2002; 12-part anime released in 2005
    You are playing as Kunisaki Yukito who travels to a town to find the mysterious "Wings". You settle down in a family, and you meet several people there (of course). Then you find something strange in these people, and the "Wings" is...
    "My dream... is going to end today..."
    Characters used: Misuzu, Kano, Minagi

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