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Grant Goodmorrow

August 31, 2003 / farina

Submitted for your approval, a new Pic of the Week. Also, after a fun (read: being severely beaten) session of Soul Calibur II, I ponder if I'm not getting enough practice or I'm just getting old. Feeling the Beatdown.

August 26, 2003 / klatch

More new comics: Copying and Gossip.

August 24, 2003 / rasp

A new Pic of the Week is up along with another comic: Akari vs Oyaji 2. I also added a new page to the Favorites section: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

August 23, 2003 / infamous

I remembered that I have an article up at Anime News Network. Nothing earth shattering, but it is my 2 minutes in the spotlight - yeah, it's not even 15 minutes worth of fame. Anyway, ANN has a pretty cool encyclopedia which features the immensely useful section My Anime (you have to register to make your own list, but it's free to register, so do it!). It has a listing of all of the anime that people have seen and let's you put ratings on them among other things - very cool. My entry is The Spatula (duh!). I actually finished rating all the anime that I've Seen Some of, but the list of things I've Seen All of is twice as long, which is actually kind of scary. This could take a while...

August 21, 2003 / licensed

I finally went down to the DMV to get my California Driver's License since my Alaskan one expires in a little over a month. Total time at DMV: 3 hours. If I ever have to deal with them again, I'll use the internet. I barely passed the written test (missed 5), but I passed so it's all good. I would've been pretty pissed if I didn't pass since the first thing they did was punch a hole through my Alaskan license. The weird thing is that the license they just gave me is a slip of paper (the hardcopy will be mailed to me in a week or two).

On my way back, I noticed that the price of gas went up to $2.06 for regular. I winced at that even though I don't have a car.  The thing about gas prices is that there really isn't much people can do about it other than bend over and take it >.< Even worse, the fees for cars will triple for the next year. Ouch. I really like driving, but stuff like this makes me wish we had better public transportation around here; it'll never happen though. One of the cultural vices about California is that if you want to go somewhere, you have to drive.

Another curious thing I saw was a baby stroller with a couple of cans of beer in the bottom (Tecate). I grew up drinking milk, but I suppose it's just another cultural difference between Alaska and California.

I made a few cosmetic changes to the site, so I hope you think it looks a bit nicer; for those of you just tuning in (probably everyone), I hope you think it at least looks nice...

August 16, 2003 / wend

Today was unbelievably hot again >.< It must've been 95 degrees... celsius! I would spend more time in the relatively cooler basement, but it gets hot down there with a lot of people, especially since I have all those commonly-thought-to-be-dead composers in there. Tschaikovsky is one hell of a drinker...

One of the things that I miss from living in Alaska is the mild weather during the summer. In fact, I think the best summers I've ever experienced were in Anchorage: dry, cool, and always sunny. Although, you have to make sure to watch out for mosquitoes, the State Bird. Just kidding... maybe. Heat like this tends to melt your brain!

Added a couple more translated comics: Akari vs. Oyaji 1, Reflection, and Signature. There is also a new Pic of the Week.

August 14, 2003 / brief

Posted some translated comics: Controls?, Cookies, and Azumanga Fight 1.

More tweaking...

August 13, 2003 / lambent

Not a whole lot today. I put up a translated comic (at the bottom of the page) and did a bit of cleaning up of the code and tweaked some of the look of the pages. I'm pretty fussy when it comes to details, but most people won't notice the changes. I don't know why I bother. I think it's because I'm a bit obsessive over minutia. One of my weaknesses... ;_;

August 10, 2003 / soupy

I sorted through some of the stuff that I put on my old web pages, and I decided to throw some of that stuff up (yes, the similarity to vomiting did cross my mind ^_^;) on my Random Pages. For those who wish to truly experience the depraved recesses of my soul, feel free to take a look. Be afraid. Be very afraid. There is also a new Pic of the Week up.

August 7, 2003 / caffinated

Woah, it seems like I neglected the site for a while... nah... Anyway, I did some more tweaking on the Queen of Heart '99 FAQ so let me know if there are any problems with any of the stuff there. Two new rants are up: AX2003 Gripes and Having Your Cake and Eating it Too.

August 1, 2003 / chartruse

Not that you asked for it, but there is something new in the Ranting section: The Death of ICQ Lite. I also considered making some cool effects and other BS, but then I realized that we don't have much bandwidth or space to work with, so you'll just have to bear with my meager pictures ^_^; I will probably trim down the Anime section too. Right now, I'm working in the Games section. I'll throw a Queen of Heart '99 SE FAQ together so everyone can figure out how to beat me... HAH! As if that would ever happen... >=)

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