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Grant Goodmorrow

November 30, 2003 / loess

Thanksgiving passed by, but I managed to get a few things to eat. The only bad thing about it all is that I ate more in a day than I usually eat in a week. It's kind of sad, really. Oh well...

There's always the Pic of the Week!

November 23, 2003 / firth

I was at Burger King the other day, and I got the following curious total:

I suppose it's the complement of the other receipt I got.

I suppose it was just another consequence of me actually getting my prize from Anime News Network. Yes, it was a miraculous event, the likes of which have never before been seen. Now, if any prize winners complain about ANN taking a while to send out their prize, they can always say, "The Spatula waited patiently for his prize, why can't you?"

Dreamland Japan is a pretty good book so far, and it is almost worth the wait.


Without any further ado, behold the newest Pic of the Week!

November 20, 2003 / xeric

It took me a while, but I finally fixed all of my web pages to make them fully HTML 4.0 compliant. I'm still learning how to do HTML so there were a few things I missed when I first made these pages. Learning is like filet mignon... just not quite as tasty.

Mmm... steak...

November 16, 2003 / ullage

If you predicted a new Pic of the Week, then I'd say you're psychic; of course, I say a lot of things...

November 12, 2003 / faille

I've been doing a bit more tweaking to the site, so if you notice something odd, let me know. Most of the changes are optimizing the code so they aren't really visible except for the bar on the left.

I've been getting a lot of grief over my submission of lyrics for .hack//SIGN so I decided to write up a new rant to set the record straight.

November 9, 2003 / viviparous

Yep, another Pic of the Week.

On a related note, Windows XP does some really strange things. The other day, I noticed that my system seemed to be running a bit slow, so I ran Norton Antivirus and AdAware to see if there were any virii or spyware lurking in my system. Nope, nothing there. I then ran NBench to check the performance. To my surprise, my primary HDD I/O speed was only 2MB/s! I had a hunch, so I checked the Device Manager and checked the properties for the Primary IDE Channel. Eureka! The Current Transfer Mode: for Device 0 had spontaneously changed from Ultra DMA Mode 5 to PIO. WTF?! Luckily, it was an easy fix - I simply selected DMA if available and restarted.

The truly annoying part of this whole affair is that the same thing happened to my Secondary IDE Channel about a month ago. I was copying a CD to my HD and it took about 15 minutes and my CPU was running at max. So you see, my hunch wasn't just a lucky guess.

On a more positive note, my Winamp 2.91 suddenly started to display Japanese characters in the playlist window. It never worked before, and I have no idea why it's working now. Maybe I should switch over to Windiis xxxp...

November 2, 2003 / trochee

As usual, there is a new Pic of the Week.

I don't know about you, but I'm itching to see Matrix: Revolutions. I can finally put to rest the whole Matrix franchise. The only other movie that I'm waiting for this year is Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

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