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Grant Goodmorrow

October 26, 2003 / narthex

Two words: Ninja Popes.

This was the result of talking to one of my friends about random things. This is a perfect example of how a seemingly normal conversation with some of my friends can become very, very wrong...

Without further ado, check out the new Pic of the Week.

October 22, 2003 / euchre

I fiddled with the site a bit to streamline its operation - changed some of the icons from .jpg to .gif and recompressed the logos for each page. If something is broken on the site, let me know since I did a major overhaul.

October 19, 2003 / davit

A new Pic of the Week for those of you who like to play billiards.

October 15, 2003 / hod

In what can only be seen as a conspiracy of the universe against me, my Casio - DATA BANK (DB-35H) watch died a horrible death.

Further proof of a conspiracy arose when I was watching Law & Order. One of the officers actually said, "I Googled the name..." After that, I paid closer attention to the show and I noticed a webpage opened to Yahoo and the obvious "beeping" sound that only a Nextel phone equipped with a walkie-talkie feature could make. ARRGHHH!!! My favorite drama show on network television has betrayed me ;_; While there may have been commercial endorsements in the show before, never has it been so blatant. Poor, poor, Law & Order. I yearn for the first seasons again. Of course, back then, everything was better - or so people tell me...

You know what? I'm actually starting to believe that it was better "back then." Judging from the fact that every other commmercial I see these days is about a drug of some sort, I'm beginning to think that this generation is pretty screwed up to need so many drugs. I could be joking...


October 12, 2003 / breccia

Man, the site has been acting slow over the last couple days - not that anyone has probably noticed or cares. Oh well. You get what you pay for.

I watched Kill Bill the other day. Very entertaining. I think one needs to go into this movie knowing that Quentin Tarantino loves the type of movies that this movie was obviously based on. He combines all of these elements into a rather dark, yet funny film. Several times during the movie, I kept saying "What the heck?!" or "Holy crap! That's pretty screwed up, but kind of funny..." This hearkens back to the days of Pulp Fiction, although, this movie has a bit more action. I kinda want to watch it again...

I suppose you can look at the new Pic of the Week.

October 8, 2003 / hackie

Arnold Schwarzenegger was voted in as governor of California yesterday. I don't know if I should laugh or cry...

October 7, 2003 / putsch

I never imagined that my first efforts to vote here in California would be thwarted by a stroke of idiocy. One must register 15 days before an election, and one of the requirements is a California ID. I was waiting for my drivers license in the mail for a while and was wondering why it was taking so long. Apparently, one of the persons who lives in this house "misfiled" my letter with my license; I should've gotten it a couple weeks ago. Guess when I got it. Friday, October 3rd.  Someone needs to die...

I was shopping the other day, and I noticed my receipt had a curious total:


As a final note for an unusually chatty day, I was wondering how much damage the shockwaves in Uchuu no Stellvia would actually cause. "Hey, I know physics and math. I should just calculate it!" Find out!

No, I have no doubts about why girls don't like me. I don't lie to myself...

October 5, 2003 / avaunt

Geh. It's that time for me to recognize the month and day I was born. I suppose it's getting to the point where birthdays aren't really that big of a deal. Some of my younger friends are tired of the idea already. I suppose I just like the excuse to get together with friends.

Oh yeah, I might as well post a new Pic of the Week too.

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