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Grant Goodmorrow

August 29, 2004 / maid

I was playing Melty Blood Re•ACT with Ryan the other day, and I came across a bug in Version 2.004. I was using Hisui and Kohaku, and Ryan was using Arcueid. I had Hisui in control and used the 214+B attack while at the same time Ryan did the 41236+C attack while in Blood Heat Mode. Arcueid's chains caused Kohaku to become stuck in midair, as you can see below.

Maids vs Arc Bug

Fortunately, I, once again, remembered that it's easy enough to save replays, so I saved a replay of the match. The bug doesn't occur until the second round, so try not to suffer too much from witnessing our sad abilities. ;_; Oh, I actually did try to tag Kohaku, but I screwed up and went into Heat mode. Yeah, yeah, I know I suck...

All right, all right. I'll stop stalling and give you the Pic of the Week.

August 25, 2004 / nail

One of the sillier notions in anime is the nail bat.

Pugyuru    Full Metal Panic?! Fumoffu

I don't know about you, but I had never seen such a thing until I watched anime. The bat is a pretty common weapon in the states, but I don't recall ever seeing any with nails in them; I could have just missed it, so if anyone can think of any movies with such a thing, let me know. Typically, if there are nails on a bludgeoning instrument, it tends to be a plank of wood broken off of something else. I suppose it implies that Americans wouldn't go to the trouble of pounding nails into a bat and then use it as a weapon. Are Americans just lazy, or are Japanese simply improving on a weapon of choice?

I worry about these things because no one else wants to...

August 22, 2004 / oleander

I was surfing around the other day and I ran into a page with a ton of links to doujin artists. Too many, in fact... Also, for those of you who don't know already, there's a new habanero-tan comic out. That makes 10!

As you sort through the previous pages, don't forget to take a look at the newest spatula and the Pic of the Week.

August 20, 2004 / acceleration

I got my prize from AnimeOnDVD.com the other day, and I thank them for their prompt delivery of my prize. I could mention an experience I've had in the past, but I've already ranted about that, so there's no need for me to beat a dead horse.

Physics in anime doesn't usually catch my attention, but certain things tend to pique my interest; the calculations I did for Uchuu no Stellvia is an example. Recently, I was watching Idol Defense Force Hummingbird, and I noticed something weird (besides the fact that idol singers are piloting fighter aircraft). The time it takes for Satsuki to jump out of the cockpit of a plane is only 3 frames (~0.1s for a 29.97fps source), as shown below.

Satsuki Frame 1    Satsuki Frame 2    Satsuki Frame 3    Satsuki Frame 4

Obviously, the acceleration of gravity is much greater than -9.8m/s^2, but the scientist in me wondered how much more.

To do this, I first had to assumed that Satsuki was 1.6m tall (a number I got online) and the height she fell from was ~2.5m (judging from her relative height).

From here, I manipulated the well-known kinematic equation, (1/2)*a*t^2+vo*t+so=s (a=acceleration, t=time, vo=initial velocity, so=initial position, s=final position) to solve for a. If we set vo=0 and so=0, we get a=-2s/t^2. Finally, substituting in our previous numbers, our final answer gives a=-500m/s^2 or approximately 50 times the pull of gravity! Poor Satsuki!

The moral of the story is to never think about physics when watching anime; it's too late for me, save yourself...

If you bothered to read all of that, congratulations. As a reward, go take a look at the following curious sites I ran across recently: Sumeragi Designs and an english frontend for 2chan.

Okay, it's not much of a reward, but nobody probably read the above calculations anyway...

August 17, 2004 / katta

I never thought it would happen, but it seems like I won a copy of Urusei Yatsura: Remember My Love, the third movie, from AnimeOnDVD.com (news on Monday, August 16th, 4:53 PM). Cool. As I was typing in the entry, I thought, "I already have a copy of it on VHS back in Alaska (I bought it when it first came out), but I haven't seen it in a while, so I wouldn't mind too much if I got it." It's tough, but I think I can handle it.

I was watching Futatsu no Spica (a.k.a. Twin Spica), and I noticed an oddity between the ending of episode 3 and the beginning of episode 4.

Black Box    Gray Box

Other than that, the show is great; it's a good, solid drama with no wackiness or useless fanservice.

I think I'll go practice folding some shirts using this cool technique that I found recently. I acutally don't need to since I hang all of my shirts, but it really is a cool folding technique...

August 15, 2004 / yarrow

I stumbled across a strange link that has a flash parody of the opening sequence of Pretty Cure. If you didn't already notice, instead of saying "Purikyua" they say "Purikuma" (kuma=bear). Odd...

Today is the last day of Comic Market 66 and a Super Robot Taisen-type game called Battle Fantasia Kirara is supposed to debut there. It seems to feature various characters from Maburaho, Marimite, Fate/stay Night, as well as several of the OS-tan. Curious...

I also updated the Friends section of the site, as someone actually wanted to admit being a friend of mine ;_; I'm touched...

Before I get too emotional, escape via the Pic of the Week.

August 12, 2004 / pukka

I was watching Pugyuru the other night, and I was really getting into it so I made the following animated gif of Mizore, the yuki-onna (literally, "snow-woman", it's typically compared to a succubus in western culture), selling her body ^_^


I wanted to post it on 4chan like I usually did with such things, but, until yesterday, I thought it was dead so I was sad that I couldn't share it with other people. Then out of the blue Sklathill informed me that 4chan lives! Naturally, I posted the larger version of the animated gif (I keep the original frames so I can resize it if necessary) in order to promote this strange and wacky anime.

Curious how that worked out...

August 10, 2004 / escalator

A sign in an elevator in The Big O proved to be quite curious (the following is actually the same sign, I broke it into two to highlight the oddities).


Ignoring the fact that "UPPR" is missing an "E", it's odd that the "UPPR LIMIT" is only "378 POUNDS". For "12 PERSONS", you'd need an average weight of 31.5 pounds. Even if the animator made a mistake and meant 378 kilograms, each person would still have to average 69.3 pounds. Apparently, everyone in Paradigm City is very light...

The bottom part is more interesting but a bit hard to read.

In an increasingly heated political atmosphere, there were suggestions that the static government could be trying to keep the death figure low to avoid a backlash in state elections due early next year.

I've never noticed such informative things in elevators. I usually look at my feet or the ceiling to avoid making eye contact with other people. Paradigm City! Lose your memory and weight! Learn new things while riding in elevators! Okay, enough of my strange comments...

The Trouble Windows Translations is moving to a new site, so update your bookmarks.

Finally, years of searching have yielded the latest spatula

August 8, 2004 / inanition

As of this writing, there are now 3 people (other than myself) who signed up for the forum! Banzai! There's are also a whopping 5 posts from someone other than myself, so I've surpassed my goal for the month. As Kohaku would say in Melty Blood, "Hey Posters! Come On!"

I'm still trying to decide what changes, if any, I'll make to the look of the forum. The main consideration is if I should make it conform to the aesthetics of Real Otaku Heroes or Kitchen Discotheque; I'm leaning toward the latter since I update it more frequently, and I like the layout better.

While I ponder the aesthetics of the colour out of space, go take a look at the Pic of the Week.

August 5, 2004 / espy

For those of you who didn't already notice, I added a new forum section above - I have a mySQL database as part of my package deal, and I thought I'd put it to use. I'm hoping to get a post or two a month (not including mine, of course). I had to change a bunch of the pages on this site, so if you notice anything wrong, tell me in the new forum (hint, hint) or contact me directly.

Apparently, some people decided to abuse the generosity of Revolve Translations by distributing copies of Melty Blood with their English patch (August 03, 2004 news). Is it really too much to ask to have your own copy first, then put the patch on it? A small price to pay since they're doing it for free...

I was watching a bit of Tantei Gakuen Q (Detective Academy Q), and I noticed another example of the variable shirt phenomenon in anime.


You'd think that a show about detectives would have people who would notice these things...

Speaking of detectives, I barely noticed another spatula during this same episode (it was only during one frame). I'd say that my observational skills of kitchen utensils are unusually high, but that would just make people think that I'm odd.

Oh wait, people already think that...

August 3, 2004 / wassail

idprism sent me a link to a curious flash game about a girl who loses her head. It reminds me a bit of Myst in terms of gameplay. The game is pretty fun and the music is cool, so check it out now.

OniEdge sent me a links to a twisted Love Hina dating sim, and Alien Hominid, a highly violent game where you play an alien that runs around and kills MIBs and random people. A bit old, but still fun.

August 1, 2004 / kulak

For those of you who missed out on the celebration, go take a look.

Faury    Raquel

I couldn't help but notice how Faury from Shadow Skill is similar to Raquel from Scrapped Princess. Things they share in common: long dark hair, "big sister"-type, use of magic for their attacks, and large shoulder pads. I wonder if it's an archetype. I probably don't need to mention that I'll keep a lookout for other similar characters.

While I ponder this, you might as well check out the new comic and the Pic of the Week.

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