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Grant Goodmorrow

September 28, 2004 / junto

In Scrapped Princess, "Dust Bin" is the name of the world that Pacifica et. al reside. I had never really thought about it until I saw the picture below from Memomies Off 2nd.


I'm surprised that I never noticed it before in anime. Apparently, there is so much dust in Japan that they need to have their own separate containers from the regular trash. I have this impulse to go to Japan just to test this theory. Hmm... that reminds me, I should probably dust my room...

As I take some time off to dust my room, enjoy the plethora of spatulas and tide breakers that I found. Amazingly enough, the last three shows I've watched have yielded three spatulas and three tide breakers!

Okay, so I'm easily amused...

September 26, 2004 / tribute

I received an email the other day from a Troy Doerner telling me that he "started working on a series of anime music videos to go along with them." The first video is based on the song Mr. Anime Fanservice Inventor.

I'm curious to see how the other ones turn out...

While we wait for the next video, turn your attention to the newest spatula, latest tide breaker, and regularest (yes, I know it's not a word) Pic of the Week.

September 24, 2004 / defragment

I ran across a curious flash game featuring ME-tan defragmenting a hard drive the other day.

Defrag Game

The point is to line up the "blocks of data" so they match colors horizontally. If you didn't figure out the keys already, arrow keys are used to move the cursors that outline the blocks, z is to swap blocks that are outlined, x is used to "slide" all of the visible blocks to the side, and spacebar is to add more blocks to the bottom.

I started to play a bit, but then I realized I do this on a regular basis anyway...

September 22, 2004 / check

An English test I saw in Ultra Maniac may not be groundbreaking, but it can be interesting if you notice several details.

Ultra Maniac

First, we note that two of the answers are "Bruce Lee" and "This is a pen". The former demonstrates how famous the martial arts action star is while the latter is an (in)famous sentence for Japanese students who are starting to learn English. Characters in anime usually say this phrase when their knowledge of English is negligible. One of the earliest examples I can think of was by Moroboshi Ataru in Urusei Yatsura. Of course, they probably don't use this phrase anymore, but that's just speculation on my part since I've never taught English in Japan.

The other interesting thing about this test is the fact that check marks are used to note a wrong answer. While this may seem unimportant to most, the convention that I usually see in the U.S. is that a check mark is an answer that is correct. My experiences grading homework and tests forces me to notice stuff like this.

Well, I'm sure you want to stab my eyes out at this point, so I'm hoping the following new game called Duel Savior will make you think happy thoughts instead. It appears to be an Action/Adventure game with some H elements, so if you're under 18, go here instead.

September 19, 2004 / isthmus

All of this talk about prickly bludgeoning instruments is starting to get to me. Let's take a break and peek at a lovely pair of spatulas from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

It should come as no surprise that Makoto receives additional powers from spatulas; she is a cook, afterall.

Hopefully, the new Pic of the Week and Melty Blood Re•ACT patch, Ver2.0.0.7, will distract you from wondering why I'm watching PGSM in the first place...

September 17, 2004 / ghat

Gregg finally sent me a picture from Escape from New York where you can see the infamous nail bat that I referred to before and recently mentioned (September 8); the other picture is from GTO.

Escape from New York GTO

Since Escape from New York came out a while ago (1981), it makes me wonder if the nail bat was inspired by this movie. It's pretty common to see anime inspired by Hollywood (Star Trek and Star Wars are the first things to pop in mind), so I wouldn't be surprised if this were the case. It seems like a silly thing to wonder about, but I'm always curious to discover the origins of various things.

The search for the "truth" continues...

September 15, 2004 / bijutsu

It isn't unusual to find well known works of art in anime. Below are two of the more recent ones I found.

The Birth of Venus Arearea

The first picture, from Kanon, is a cropped version of The Birth of Venus by Botticelli. Of course, everyone should know this; if you don't, you need to get out more. The second picture, from Happy Lesson The Final, is relatively more difficult to identify, but it's obviously Arearea by Gauguin; it's just flipped horizontally. Gauguin is a bit more obscure, but any beginner art student should be able to recognize it.

Well, enough of the foray into the art world, go take a look at the more mundane tide breaker I found recently.

September 12, 2004 / zenana

Before you take a look at the latest Pic of the Week, take a good look at the picture below:

Zeno Watch

It seems like Yomiko Readman's watch is based off of this particular watch. The only reason I know about this is because Thomas recognized it while browsing through my files.

For those of you interested, Revolve Translations and the Mirror Moon Project are going to combine forces to either form DEVASTATOR or work on finishing an English translation of Tsukihime. The former would be cooler...

The latest spatula tried to use its ninja powers to hide from me, but I am much too powerful for such parlor tricks...

September 10, 2004 / slip

I found two spiffy pictures the other day while browsing through 2chan (the one on the left) and 4chan.

McCOL Zangief vs. Kotone

If you don't remember, I posted a picture from Shinkon Gattai Godannar, that I thought was a parody, but I wasn't completely sure. There's even a fan site for it, which isn't too surprising - there are web pages for everything. I should try it sometime...

As for the other pic, it's good to see that some people out there still think of QoH '99. Of course, Kotone would lay the smackdown (literally) on Zangief. Not that I'm biased or anything...

I'm also glad that I found this picture since linking to the QoH '99 section of my website led me to several errors in my markup. I probably would've noticed them soon enough since I'm reformatting that section to look like the Party's Breaker section. This is going to take a while since there are more than twice as many characters than Party's Breaker...

Finally, for all of you Gunbuster fans, check out the trailer for TOPPU wo Nerae 2! recently posted on the official website. Look for the "HIGH MOVIE" and "LOW MOVIE" icons. It seems a bit strange, and while I can't imagine it being better than the original, I'll probably watch it even if it does turn out to be really bad.

September 8, 2004 / henji

Given the small amount of people who visit this site, I'm always amazed when people actually respond to stuff I post here.

For instance, Brandon and Gregg both emailed me to tell me that they remembered a nail bat from the movie Escape from New York; Gregg said he'd try to get me the DVD sometime so I can take a screencap. Curious...

After that, Sklathill IMed me about my September 1, 2004 news post to tell me that there were "Mister Donut" stores on the east coast. This was immediately followed by Dio who posted a detailed topic in the forum. Curiouser and curiouser...

Finally, Philippe Mattei sent me the following email in response to the previous (September 5) news posting:

Anyway I'm french, and about Ciel's paper that you transcribed the other day, from the image it obviously looks to be from a book called "Mes dernières années". What intrigued me was the japanese first names in the text; but using google I found a book called "Mes dernières années", from a japanese author named Osamu Dazai. A french translation is available, it can be bought from http://www.lelibraire.com/din/tit.php?Id=4243 for example.

So I guess this is what Ciel is reading...

I've probably bored everyone to death with my musings, but there'll be more exciting things later!


September 5, 2004 / tuff

Typically, English is used in anime as an exotic flavoring, but it isn't unusual to see other languages, like German or French. The example below is from Shingetsutan Tsukihime.

Ciel's Paper

For those of you who know me, it should come as no surprise that I transcribed this sheet of paper. Since I haven't taken French in over a decade, I really have no idea if the accents or any of the words are correct. I did run it through an online translator, and it seemed to make some sense, but I leave it up to people who are actually fluent in French to give me their opinion. I won't hold my breath though...

While I ponder the true meaning of Elfen Lied, go take a look at the newest spatula and the usual Pic of the Week.

September 3, 2004 / quick

Who would've thought that they'd release another patch for Melty Blood Re•ACT, Ver2.0.0.6, so soon! Just some minor fixes it seems; I'm curious to see if the bug that I mentioned earlier is still present.

A while ago, I noticed a bunch of seemingly random signs in Gad Guard.

Hack Me!! 1  Hack Me!! 2  TEXAI 1  TEXAI 2  TEXAI 3

Now, I have no idea what they mean, but they do appear rather often in the show. The only thing that I can think of, is that the creators of this series are big fans of the .hack series and the state of Texas. Now, I have nothing against either of those two things, but it strikes me as a bit strange.

Although, after thinking about what I actually saw in Gad Guard, maybe it isn't that strange after all...

September 1, 2004 / donut

As I was browsing through the Beast's Lair, someone posted a topic that talks about the new 2.005 patch for Melty Blood Re•ACT.

I never really thought that the following picture from Aishiteru ze Baby was parodying an actual store until I was browsing through 2chan.

master Donut

Apparently, there's a chain of donut stores in Japan called Mister Donut. I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised, but I originally saved it because it reminded me of a friend of mine who loves donuts. The moral of the story is that you should take screen captures of everything you see in anime because it might be useful later.

The newest spatula may be further proof of the latter assertion, but it could just mean that I'm an obsessive kitchen utensil...

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