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Grant Goodmorrow

June 26, 2005 / schist

Gregg was kind enough to donate a pic (below on left) from Rurouni Kenshin of Yahiko biting Sanosuke, providing historical evidence that biting someone's head is relatively common behavior in Japan. If I ever go to Japan, I'll be sure to bring a helmet.

Yahiko biting Sanosuke    Old McDonald's

Gregg was also "inspired" to take a pic of an old McDonald's in Paso Robles in response to a previous post. If he starts singing "You're the meaning in my life...", I'm outta here.

BlueEyesPikachu wanted to get in on the action by donating the strangely appetizing Pic of the Week.

Before you start to think that I'm too lazy to get pics for myself, I submit another spatula that I found on my own...

June 19, 2005 / petard

Futakoi Alternative lead me to believe that biting the head of your identical twin was a sign of affection in Japan since Souju seems to be enjoying her sister's antics (left pic).

Sara biting Souju    Mary biting Volcott

Recently, however, I noticed a similar behavior in Galaxy Angel TV: Season 4 and these two aren't identical twins. Given the serious nature of this show, I am led to two conclusions: 1) this is relatively common behavior in Japan since anime is an accurate portrayal of Japanese culture or 2) Mary and Volcott are, in fact, identical twins. The first one seems more likely since those two don't look alike at all, but the Lost Technology that they encounter usually has strange effects...

Before I start making any wild speculations about this topic, you should check out the latest spatula and the semi-popular Pic of the Week.

June 15, 2005 / quotidian

Kanako seems to be pretty popular these days. The industrious SickC noticed Yuu dressed up as Kanako in Comic Party: Revolution (TV) to lay the smack down on Eimi.

Yuu Cosplaying as Kanako

Apparently, Yuu is... upset.

SickC also noticed a spatula, while I encountered a tidebreaker during the course of my travels...

June 12, 2005 / mukatsuku

Hoping to generate some more interest in doujin gaming at AX2005, I posted a flyer on the front of Real Otaku Heroes. Go take a look over there if you're interested in meeting up. I'm going to break out the green backpack and have a sign that says "The Spatula". My goal this time is for 5 (new) people to recognize me and say "Hi". Ambitious, eh?

While watching ToHeart - Remember my Memories, I believe there was another cameo - Shincho Saori this time.

Saori?    Shincho Saori

There isn't any "Shincho Saori" listed in the credits, so I can't be too sure...

I haven't had time to watch much anime lately, so you'll just have to settle for the usual Pic of the Week.

June 5, 2005 / tsukareta

Once again, we can see the foresight of Japanese animators when they consider their audience. Take for instance the first pic from Midori no Hibi, which heralds a global release of this fine show. It's a subtle pun on the forsaken Hostess snack, meant to conjure up fond childhood memories for the elder generation, not only in Japan, but all over the world.

Suzy Kyu?    Justy Phi?

I almost missed the second pic from Ikki Tousen that references a song by Madonna, but I work hard when watching anime, so even miniscule details like this cannot escape my notice.

While "ranting" typically has a negative connotation, my longer articles tend to end up in that section, so I went ahead and put my Fanime experience there, even though it wasn't completely terrible. One guy (I don't want to embarrass him by mentioning his name) saw the "Real Otaku Heroes" sign I had on my backpack and said "Hi", so that was pretty cool. Thanks for helping me achieve my goal! Next time, maybe two people will say hi...

Most visitors probably didn't bother reading my long-winded account - they probably just skipped ahead to look at the Pic of the Week.

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