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Grant Goodmorrow

January 30, 2005 / votive

It's neat to see a lot of old technology in Ah! My Goddess, but I never thought that I would see an old-style McDonald's.


There's one about 20 minutes away from where I live near Hollywood (if I remember correctly). I should go visit and maybe take a picture if I'm in the area to compare and contrast.

As soon as gas prices go down again.

At least the Pic of the Week doesn't cost any more this week...

January 28, 2005 / tabour

I was watching AIR and Bleach the other day, and I noticed two similar scenes.

Michiru vs. Yukito  Karin vs. Isshin

While little girls beating up older guys is nothing new (Kaolla Su from Love Hina is an earlier example) it feels like it's more frequent. One difference in AIR is that Yukito actually fights back, unlike Keitaro. A daughter beating up her father may not be common in America, but it is probably normal behaviour in Japan. In Michiru's case, it seems a bit odd that a little girl would just randomly strike a stranger, but this may be an indicator of something deeper. Perhaps this is a wake up call to young girls in Japan to fight back against the loli-con population.

Anime - leading the fight against oppression of individuals in a society...

Speaking of fighting back, if you haven't been to the Trouble Windows Translations site lately, there's a link to a fansub of the Troubled Windows music video.

January 26, 2005 / kohlrabi

Controlling smoking among youths in America has always been a problem. In contrast, Japan seems to encourage this habit through subtle messages in various anime. Let's take a look at some examples from Triangle Heart ~Sweet Songs Forever~, Gad Guard, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

YES! Smoking    STOP SMOKING    Good bye Tobacco

I think there can be no doubt about the message in the first picture. In the second picture, the character seems unfazed by a rather grim picture depicting the effects of smoking; ads like these are rarely effective, so it's probably the animators thumbing their noses at people who put up these signs. Finally, the last picture is a bit confusing since instead of the usual circle with a slash through it, we have a heart. Does it imply that if you say "Good bye" to Tobacco, you're saying no to your heart?

Oh well, the message is clear...

For those of you who missed the entry on Anime News Service on January 21, 2005, they mentioned a Tohato brand Habanero Growing Kit. Now I can make my own Habanero-tans to torture...

January 23, 2005 / glengarry

I was watching Jungle wa itsumo hale nochi Guu Final the other day, and I noticed the following sign on the left which reminds me of a catch phrase that ADV Films used to use in their previews. I bet the creators of Guu were so amazed by this U.S. company's power, they thought it would be cool to include this slogan in their anime. The thought that they might have been parodying the Nike slogan never crossed my mind. Nope.

Do it Now!    Strike!

For those of you wondering what the picture on the right from To Heart - Remember my Memories is about, I put it there because it reminded me of a previous Pic of the Week. I'm still not sure if it actually means anything...

I suppose I should give you the Pic of the Week before I start talking about something weird!

January 21, 2005 / haploid

I was out buying some snacks for a friend at the Marukai Market in Little Tokyo, and I received the following prophetic receipt:


I think the message is that if you eat three bags of Tohato brand Habanero Rings, you'll die. If spicy foods are your weakness, then that might be the cause; however, the general consensus is that they're not that spicy. One of my friends (James) said, "Flamin' Hot Cheetos are just as spicy - these rings have a bit too much vinegar". My cousin (Erwin) just thought they "tasted nasty". Personally, I think they're decent, but it's probably because I don't eat many spicy foods - the spiciness is enough to cover any flaws in the flavor that may be there. In spite of the flaws of the actual product, I still think Habanero-tan is cool, and I'm keeping her as my avatar for now...

The running score? Ralph's is evil, Burger King is lucky, and Habanero rings are unlucky.

January 19, 2005 / xylem

I never really watched Tekkaman Blade before, but the pictures that Gregg kindly donated to me compel me to do so sometime in the future.


The picture on the left is a typical example of the l to r phenomenon seen in anime, but the other one conjured up some memories of The Chronicles of Narnia. For some reason, I can't help but think of Turkish Delight...

Maybe the creators are fans of C.S. Lewis...

January 16, 2005 / ambivalence

I was talking to a friend the other day who mentioned that after showing my site to some of his friends of his they hated my site so much they "thought I should die". Woah. I never thought I'd evoke that sort of reaction from anyone. I usually figure that most will look at my site and either think it's nifty or think it's dumb and move on. I certainly didn't intend on making people scream bloody murder after reading my site, but that's a cool side effect. ^_^

While some people loathe my site, other people think I'm somewhat tolerable - enough so that they send me spatulas to add to my collection (thanks again, SickC). This same person was kind enough to send me some information for my QoH '99 FAQ; I added stuff to Akari, Mizuho, Multi, Rina, Serio, Tomoko, and Yosie.

Speaking of fighting games, I know this is a bit old, but I forgot I had an unofficial Elfen Lied fighting game on my computer. It's nowhere near the same level as something like Melty Blood Re•ACT, but it's somewhat fun because of all of the silly attacks. If you're a fan of the series and you have Japanese support for Windows, then you should take a peek. There's a "getting started" guide over at elfenlied.net if you're having trouble installing the game.

Finally, I give you the much more pedestrian Pic of the Week.

January 13, 2005 / morau

The other day, someone named "SickC" was kind enough to donate a spatula from Ai Yori Aoshi. Excellent... At the current rate, I should get another picture from someone before the end of the year.

If you're wondering how I was able to calculate that (just say "yes"), I gained insight into such things by reading a curious page about physics, and playing a fun little flash game that my older brother Fred sent me.

Trebuchets are cool...

January 11, 2005 / wherry

At first, I thought vampires were the most dangerous element in Tsukuyomi ~MOON PHASE~, but it seems like falling household items top the list.

Eins    Zwei    Drei

Of course, given the opening song, I suppose it isn't too surprising to see something like this occur. It is interesting to see the occaional bouts of humor and cuteness break the overall dark and moody feel of this series. Pretty good stuff so far...

Finally, with today's spatula, I have officially found 50 spatulas in anime - it's time to make more pages. I'm sure there are more out there, I just have to keep looking...

January 9, 2005 / contretemps

Yesterday, I managed to avoid several accidents during the severe rains that we've been having lately in L.A.; however, as luck would have it, one of my neighbors backed into my car (which was parked) and broke my right rear tail light assembly. Needless to say, I'm quite irritated. While she said she'd pay for it, I don't want to go through the hassle of getting it replaced. Chou mukatsuku...

In order to forget about my foul mood, I thought I'd share something silly I like to do when I play QoH '99.


For the picture on the left, it's typically hard to build up enough bars to do a Level 3 attack in the first round during a normal match, so getting the S under these circumstances is neat in itself. Of course, certain characters get an S for Level 1 attacks - Corin's Vacuum Throw is one of them. I won't tell you the other ones; I leave that as an exercise for true fans of QoH '99.

Hmm... I still feel a bit irritated. I'd better give you the Pic of the Week before I start to become irrational...

January 7, 2005 / jitney

One of the great things about Hime-chan no Ribbon is the sheer amount of little details that pop up during the course of the show. In the first picture, it seems like Inu-Yasha has decided to drop by. The curious thing is that the manga for Inu-Yasha was first serialized in Japan in 1996, but, as I mentioned before, the Hime-chan anime ran from 1992-1993. While it would be fun to think Takahashi Rumiko got her inspiration from watching this show, the true origin for this character probably lies in the many legends of Japan. Another curiousity is that the person in the costume referred to herself as "nekotama" - neko means cat, which is puzzling since the inu in "Inu-Yasha" means dog...

Inu Yasha?!    HAL 9000    JEF    JR

Moving on to the second picture, it's hard to see the text, but it reads HAL 9000 - if you don't understand the reference, then ask your local science fiction fan. Obviously, the animators put this in there since the target audience for a magical girl show are typically Sci-Fi fans in the 30-40 age range. Of course, they aren't always perfect. As we can see in the last two pics from another episode, in consecutive scenes, the lettering on the trains changes. It's probably due to different teams working on different scenes of the same episode.

Almost good...

As I had expected, on January 5th, I received the following email from an "Alexandria S." with the enlightening subject "lyrics":

Thanx for the lyrics! Even though i didnt get it at first i really understand now!

I think someone's messing with me...

January 4, 2005 / folderol

When I first saw the picture on the left from Kakyuusei 2, I thought the sign "Let's Kiosk" was simply the usual Engrish; however, I noticed the same sign again in Hime-chan no Ribbon.

Kakyuusei 2    Hime-chan no Ribbon

At this point, I was suspicious so I looked it up on Google. I came across some interesting links here, here, and koko.

Speaking of interesting links, my cousin Glen sent me a news article about a guy making a mecha in Wasilla, Alaska. I wish I knew about this earlier since I was just in Alaska. I mean, I know a thing or two about physics, and I've watched a few anime with mecha in them, so I should be qualified, right? Right?!

Finally, I received the following curious email from a "nicholasyoung" with the ever helpful subject "song":

at first i thought these lyrics were wrong but then i really listened to it....i love3 this song and thanks for the lyrics!

What people don't realize is that I have submitted over 150 lyrics to AnimeLyrics.com so I usually have no idea which song people are talking about. I'd usually respond with a "Thank you" and ask what song they're thanking me for, but it happens quite a bit and they probably don't really care to hear from me anyway. From now on, I'll just publicly thank everyone here for enjoying my contributions. If you want an actual reply, say so in the email, and I'll be happy to respond; otherwise, I'm just going to smile and move on...

January 2, 2005 / ongaeshi

For those of you who didn't already notice, I changed all of the logos for each of the particular sections to ring in the new year. Yep, while most people were out partying and having a good time, I was tweaking my website. It's because I care for my readers so much (all 12 of you), not because I live a sad and lonely life; nope, not that at all...

Also, for those of you who weren't paying attention, Arcueid's birthday passed (December 25) - for someone who's over 800 years old, she's still pretty good looking. We had a small party, but when it came to cutting the cake... let's just say that Shiki got a hold of the knife and things took a turn for the worse...

Moving right along, I took some pictures when I was up in Anchorage. Most of them are the usual family pics, so I won't bother you with those, but I'd like to introduce you to an old friend of mine.

Cooking Buddy

I never noticed at first, but this one originally hails from Cutco ®. I must've made thousands of grilled cheese sandwiches and slices of french toast with this particular kitchen utensil. Good times...

Enough reminiscing, I give you the Pic of the Week.

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