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Grant Goodmorrow

February 27, 2005 / jardiniere

Most people don't realize that I like to look for odd things in anime. For instance, in Mahoraba ~Heartful days~ Nanako was drawing on the wall and I thought it was neat how they had a shot of the wall from the other side.

Back   Start   Straight   End

While this in itself was interesting, Nanako's drawing technique is quite advanced. As you can see in the last three panels, she managed to draw a curve even though the arc her hand went through was a straight line. I never learned this technique when I was taking art classes, but I do admit to only taking a couple semesters...

I'm going to peruse some art books for that technique now, so I leave you with the abstract Pic of the Week.

February 25, 2005 / saikou

It's always fun to see languages other than English become mangled in anime, as seen in the first picture on the left from Ultimate Girls.

Caffee    SAYO    SOYO

While the other two pics from Ultimate Girls might have made it into my Ads in Anime page, I thought it was more interesting to compare the two. Only a couple minutes apart, it's interesting to note the unbelievably glaring differences between them. I'm surprised I didn't hear about any Japanese fans rioting over something like this...

I'd like to say people would riot if they didn't get to see the newest spatula, but that's just wishful thinking...

February 23, 2005 / kaminari

I was out eating pho with some friends the other week, and we noticed a curious sign.


I looked around for an "All Your Base" sign, but I couldn't find one. I didn't leave disappointed though, because the iced coffee was pretty good.

While I was skimming through DNA², I noticed some curious things on the screen Karin was watching. For the picture on the left, I used to write programs like this, and I never would've expected to see it as something that they'd use from the future. I'd make fun of them, but it's hard to argue with people who've developed the ability to travel through time. Of course, their computers sing information, so I don't know what to think now...

Program!    Mega Playboy Bullet

The other picture features some chemical structures, but they don't really make any sense. For instance, one of the Hydrogens is bonded to two Nitrogen atoms using a total of three bonds! It's common knowledge that Hydrogen only has one electron, so such a structure is quite impossible. After thinking about it a bit, I figure they edited the real forumula. The producers of anime would never put a real forumla in their shows since it might inspire viewers to create mega-playboy super soldiers that can be controlled by electromagnetic waves.

People make mistakes though, and I'll be watching...

February 20, 2005 / runnel

While Najica Blitz Tactics started off with high production values, as the series progressed, there was a notable drop in quality control. For instance, the following pictures are from consecutive scenes.


Stuff like this throws off my whole viewing experience. I had to stop and reorient myself from such a jarring sight. I might've let things slide at that, but I was also disappointed at the lack of fanservice in the series. I mean, I only saw one spatula in the whole series! Fanservice?! Hah!

It made me shed a single tear...

While I go cry my eyes out at the lack of justice in the world, go take a look at the highly antiquated Pic of the Week.

February 17, 2005 / peregrination

Rozen Maiden is a frightening story of a boy fighting to save his soul from the clutches of a group of possessed dolls. From such a premise, it's only natural to make a fighting game.

Souseiseki vs Suiseiseki

There are some other pics on the front page of OTOUFU/MATERIAL, which Zefi! sent to me. Hopefully, they haven't changed by the time you read this entry. There's also a page featuring Suiseiseki dressing up in various outfits (a link near the bottom that's a picture of Hana Ichigo and Suiseiseki that says "Dressing") - something you'd expect from a doll...

Another curious link Zefi! sent me features a bunch of School Rumble pictures. It's not terrible...

Ixis sent me a link to the heartwarming stories of an American teaching English in Japan. His experiences are exactly what I thought it would be like...

I noticed Elly from Celestial Cafe lamenting on her forums that "not many people know about the site." I know it doesn't count for much, but I know about her site and visit it a couple times a week. I was going to join the forums at one point, but I ran into some trouble with the form and I gave up since the instructions and whatnot are in Korean. I have no idea why...

Finally, I was reading an article about Quantum Dots, and I noticed that the "Ads by Goooooogle" had an interesting link.

Discount Quantum Dots

I've been meaning to get some quantum dots, but new ones are so expensive. This seemed like a good opportunity, but when I followed the link to ebay for "Discount Quantum Dots", I couldn't find any used ones for sale! Wicked, nasty, misleading ads...

February 15, 2005 / itoshii

I'm sure many of you were out doing something romantic on Valentine's Day, the internationally recognized celebration of love. I had a great day yesterday. First, I got some chocolate from a certain spirit who said, "I'll protect you from the loneliness".


After that, we went to a theme park and caught a few rides. There, I noticed a guy with glasses surrounded by some girls; one girl kept wanting to go on the fast rides, one wanted to find a curry vendor, and one kept telling the other two to leave her "onii-sama" alone. Poor guy.

Later, I got a nice card from a certain "angel". At first I thought it was a confession of love, but now I'm not so sure what it's trying to say. Oh well, at least it wasn't chocolate - she probably would've added a Habanero-tan to make it Spicy Hot! I hope she doesn't beat me up later for that remark.

All in all, a pretty good day.

And my friends were worried that I'd just sit at home watching anime...

February 13, 2005 / fulsome

I thought the following pic from Kurau: Phantom Memory was neat since it's a sight I've seen before.

S pu v d B

I never would've imagined that some parts of California were so offensive to Japan that they had to be censored. While San Diego and other cities are clearly labled on the map from the previous post, the animators took special efforts to erase the identity of this section of Los Angeles. Of course, Kurau takes place in the future, so maybe the producers anticipate that natives of the area will purge these names from the signs as a means of self-censorship.

I think they know something we don't...

Now, before you think I've posted too many items from Kurau, I might be vindicated if you take a look at the latest spatula and the highly anticipated Pic of the Week...

February 11, 2005 / titan

I'm always curious about new technology, so I played around with Google Maps a bit - it's definitely pretty cool. As I was watching more Kurau: Phantom Memory, I noticed that one of the locations where they had a Rynax energy plant was somewhere in San Diego. Since they had a relatively detailed map of the area, I thought I'd use Google Maps to estimate the location of the future plant. I put both of them together, with a little help from Gregg, for comparison into one picture.

If you zoom in on that location (I left it as an exercise for the curious), it seems like there's a normal-looking community in the area - a park, golf club, lake, and whatnot. The story in Kurau hints at certain events occuring in the future, but I can't reveal any of that information or it may have dire consequences on the future. I try to avoid temporal paradoxes whenever I can - one of the first things you learn when you study physics...

Changing the future may or may not be a bad thing, but changing the past is sometimes a good thing. Why, just take a look at the following page about the changes they had to make for Lost Universe. I know it's old, but it's still interesting...

February 9, 2005 / kousoku

If you've been regularly reading these updates, seeing a sign on a building in Gad Guard, like the one on the left, should come as no surprise - random English phrases seem to be the norm in that series. I was surprised when I was watching Kurau: Phantom Memory and I noticed a variation of the same sign during the opening credits.


Now, the first thing that makes me wonder is if the last word on the left picture is supposed to say WAR, WAN, MAR, or MAN - my gut tells me it says WAN. I don't have any fonts in my computer similar to those, so I couldn't check directly. I suppose all of those could make sense, but it's hard to speculate on the intent of the phrase when I'm not exactly clear on the word being used.

After coming to that dead end, I did a bit of research on the staff who worked on both of these series, but I couldn't find any people who worked on both of these series. Of course, the information I found was hardly complete, so there's still a possibility of a connection there.

While I ponder these curiosities, go check out the newest tidebreaker.

February 6, 2005 / stanchion

I like math as much as the next guy, but, when I saw the following from Cooking Master Boy, I was stunned.

Golden Ratio Power!

I never would have imagined applying a mathematical construct to cooking in such a manner. I suppose that just means that I haven't cooked enough. I'm still a novice, so this may simply be something that you learn along the way...

Speaking of being a novice, my random surfing around led me to a section of a forum devoted to doujin fighting games. For those looking to improve their game in Eternal Fighter Zero and Melty Blood Re•ACT (they talk about other stuff too), you might want to take a look at those threads. It would be cool to play these guys...

Enough stalling from me, go take a look at the ubiquitous Pic of the Week.

February 3, 2005 / oviparous

In My-HiME, there's a scene where Mikoto does the usual "drag the huge sword on the ground creating sparks", but this time it seemed a little odd since she was doing it on grass. This implies that the grass or ground is at least as hard as the sword.

My-HiME    Maburaho

Thinking about this quandry made me recall a scene in Maburaho. There, a skidding car made a noise similar to tires skidding on ashpalt when it seemed clear that they are driving on a packed dirt road. Now, given the picture on the left, one could suppose that the dirt in the ground is causing the sparks and not the grass. I suppose the only proper conclusion would be that the ground is hard, and the grass might also be hard.

Japan: The Hard Country

The other day, I was in the area near Sunset and we passed by the McDonald's that I thought was similar to the one I talked about before, and it turns out only the sign was old. The restaurant itself was more modern looking. After a bit of searching, I found a website with a page talking about old-style McDonald's. There you can see a nice comparison to the pic from Ah! My Goddess.

February 1, 2005 / kan

The image on the left from Hime-chan no Ribbon caught my eye becuase of the alternate spelling. I didn't think too much about it until I saw another instance in Peach Girl.


I thought this was too much of a coincidence, so after thoroughly searching the internet for 5 minutes, I found the website for the actual books. It should be noted that near the bottom of the first site I found, there's a news entry (April 9th, 2003) that reads Publisher Ordered to Revise "Stereotyped" Illustration.

Before you start thinking I watch too much shoujo anime, I'll point you to the latest spatula I found in a particularly manly anime...

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