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Grant Goodmorrow

March 31, 2005 / lempira

Rakshasa was kind enough to save the following pic for me from 4chan.

Devil May Fry 3

I have no idea who made it, but whoever it is, is okay in my book...

March 29, 2005 / kanjiru

It came as a bit of a surprise to see Mizuho make a guest appearance as a scientist interested in robots in ToHeart - Remember my Memories. I never played much of the ToHeart game, so I wonder if this reference to Shizuku is just in the anime.

Aihara Mizuho   Feel-san   Himeyuri Twins

The picture in the middle of Feel looks like Kanako, so it seems like Mizuho built a maid robot that looks like her friend. I never played Shizuku, but the fate of Kanako appears to be rather grim...

Edit: SickC noted that the Himeyuri twins, Sango and Ruri, from ToHeart2 also make an appearance so I added that picture. Himeyuri vs. Kurusugawa... hmm...

March 27, 2005 / hiru

Yesterday, I met up with 9 people from around the Los Angeles area to play some doujin games. Eternal Fighter Zero, Touhou Suimusou - IaMP, and Melty Blood Re•ACT were on the menu. Photographic evidence of the sordid affair is below.


I played a bit of MBR, but people started viciously kicking me in the head and laughing at me because I played so badly. Well, maybe that didn't quite happen, so I think it was generally a fun time for all. I also learned something very important that day; when playing games for 9 hours, bring plenty of liquids.

Maybe the Pic of the Week will quench my thirst...

March 24, 2005 / ether

If you can figure out why I posted the pic on the left below from Xenosaga: The Animation, then I applaud you for your knowledge of modern events. It's kind of funny and, at the same time, kind of sad.

-CAUTION- I AM A BOOZER    Unknown Liquor

I suppose it would be in bad taste to show a picture of a bottle of a non-descript bottle of liquor from Najica Blitz Tactics, but no one really reads this site anyway, so what the heck. In no way does it resemble a bottle of blended scotch whiskey aged 18 years that I got as a birthday present from my older brother.


March 22, 2005 / boson

I never would've guessed that Tamami from Mahoraba ~Heartful days~ was into Ultralow Temperature Physics until I saw a page from a book she was reading at a bookstore.

Superfluid Fersi Gases

Wondering if anyone talked about this, I did a quick search on Google, and I ran across a curious link (it's mentioned halfway down the page). In the next frame (the picture below), I was a bit puzzled to see a fractal image, a Mandelbrot set is at the top if I'm not mistaken, on the same page.

Fractal Image

I never really studied Superfluid Fermi Gases, so I'm not exactly sure if there is an actual relationship between the two (perhaps a way to model the electron cloud behavior), or if it's just a cool picture they put in there.

Just goes to show that you can't judge a book by it's cover...

March 20, 2005 / lachrymose

I was driving around the Hollywood area a bit the other day, and it reminded me of a picture from Phantom - The Animation. I know it's not exactly Hollywood, but it's relatively close.


I mentioned before (May 16, 2004) that they were going to make a fighting game based on Maria-sama ga Miteru, but I totally forgot about it until Ryan reminded me the other day. It's called Maribato and they updated the website (it's a link on the left from the main site). Unfortunately, there is no demo on that page - they only have a patch. A little searching around brought me to an interesting thread talking about the game. Too bad I didn't check up on this earlier...

Okay, enough talking about high school girls beating each other up, go look at the Pic of the Week.

March 18, 2005 / pinch

It's always neat to see anime go "on location" especially when you live around that area. Both of these pictures below are from Touch: CROSS ROAD ~Kaze no Yukue~. I was tempted to look at Google Maps to pinpoint this location, but, I've done stuff like that before, so I leave it as an exercise for people who are extremely bored (I assume most people are nominally bored if they're reading this site).

Los Angeles  POD LIGHT

The second image contains the usual spoof on Bud Light which, in itself, is somewhat amusing. The real curiosity here is the ad below the scoreboard. I'm pretty sure most people would be wary of a bank called "ONION CRISIS DEPOSIT BANK".

I could be wrong though...

March 16, 2005 / qrsh

In English, it's unusual for a word that starts with q to not have the letter u next to it, but q is a bit queer in the alphabet, so it's understandable. The leftmost pic is from Gad Guard, and the middle pic is from Burn Up Excess.


Now, the third pic from Keroro Gunsou seems to make sense since it might sound right, but, in context, it seems odd that they would end up spelling this particular word wrong, when, in the next scene they have words like "SEXY", "DANGER", "DYNAMITE", and "UNBELIEVABLE".

March 13, 2005 / mopus

It seems like all the hooplah about Real Otaku Heroes has died down, so I can go back to making my 14 regular visitors go "WTF?! BBQ?!" without having to worry about paying extra for excessive bandwidth usage.

As I was sorting my recent screen caps, I thought it was neat that the animators in Rozen Maiden included the ever popular Tohato brand habanero rings as part of the assorted snacks. It's probably because Suiseiseki is "Spicy Hot"...

Spicy Hot Suiseiseki

I was also talking to a friend the other day who was kind enough to point me to a website where some guy collects clips from Saturday Night Live. There isn't a lot there, but he receives top marks for having many of the Celebrity Jeopardy segments. If you haven't seen them yet, go, go, go!!!

Go take a look at the Pic of the Week while I watch those clips...

March 10, 2005 / cecum

As I've mentioned before, I think it's fun to look for actual formulas in anime. In Aishiteruze Baby, there's quite a bit of detail about classical mechanics. The top left picture shows the usual kinematic equations. You can't really read the text in the top right picture, but the graph on the left is probably a graph of v versus t and the one on the right is its derivative (constant negative acceleration).

Kinematic Equations v vs. t & a vs. t
Acceleration! Don't Drool!

In the bottom left picture, we can see the typical multiflash photograph of two falling objects accelerating. It seems like two similar spheres are used, but they usually use two different objects (e.g., an apple and a feather). The last picture is the same as the one above it.

I like Aishiteruze Baby, but I have to admit that the quality of animation is a bit below average. It surprised me to see such things in a kid's show. I suppose it's easier to just completely copy stuff than make it up. We can see this by the repeated occurance of certain vending machines. My alternate theory is that they are secretly trying to raise the mathematical abilities of their children through subtle instances in their anime...

I realize that most people don't want to think about physics while watching anime, so I'll give you something easier to think about. Here's a simple flash game that Glen pointed out to me. Also, if you haven't seen Radiant Silvergun before, there's a nifty video with a guy showing off his 1337 ninja ski11z.

I need to play that again sometime...

March 8, 2005 / juror

If people haven't already stopped visiting my site after seeing the weird stuff that comes up here, then I shall deliver the finishing blow.

I usually try to have a related theme in all of my posts, but sometimes it's good to just throw out a bunch of random pics that aren't related to anything (it has nothing to do with the fact that I couldn't come up with anything good recently - nope, not that at all). The first one on the left, from Genshiken, is probably an indicator of a weakening economy in Japan - i's are expensive to import from America.

CASHER   Kacca   paradice from hell

The middle picture, from Wolf's Rain, has a sign that sounds a bit unappetizing for a place that sells food. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry, I'm just being silly.

Finally, if I ever saw an overhang like the one above from Spiral, I'd be tempted to go inside and look around, wouldn't you?

Hmmm... I think I just lost half of my readers...

March 6, 2005 / abatoir

First off, I'd like to put up a "WELL COME" sign and mat for any new people visiting. The left pic is from Guardian Hearts and the other is from Tenshi no Shippo Chu!.


Of course, it's unlikely that more than a handful will stay after seeing the actual content of this site, but that's okay; this place is a niche site of niche sites.

kalciane was kind enough to drop by my place the other day and school me in Melty Blood Re•ACT. Despite the handicap of using my Sidewinder controller, he beat me down like a dog. I cried a bit at my lack of skill, but he was very patient and understanding about the whole affair. After that, he showed me some neat stuff in Eternal Fighter Zero and Touhou Suimusou - IaMP on his laptop. I really should get those games some time.

And a USB Sega Saturn gamepad...

Blah blah blah blah... Pic of the Week.

March 4, 2005 / yttrium

Two people, Vince and Lupin_IV, told me the other day that "The number 0.01720209895 is the Gaussian gravitational constant represented by k. The dimensions of k^2 are those of Newton's constant of gravitation: L^3*M*T^2". Now I know, and knowing is... good? I'd reward them by giving them some of my gmail invites, but they both already have gmail...

All this talk of numbers reminded me of two numbers from DNA². The first picture reminds me of the all-girl fighting game Asuka 120%. I never thought about it much before, but, in America, trying really hard is usually denoted by giving 110%. Is using 120% a subtle way for the Japanese to improve upon/one-up Americans?

120%  03-3666-9999

The second picture seems like just a random phone number, but is anything really random in anime? I wonder if anyone in Japan tried to call this number. If I were in Japan, I might consider going to a pay phone and dialing it just for the hell of it; although, it's probably one of those fake 555-type numbers that they use in American movies. Not that I actually tried calling numbers from movies before...

While I resist the urge to make an international call, check out the newest spatula.

March 2, 2005 / umiak

For years, I had secretly hoped that I would some day see a proof of the Pythagorean Theorem in anime. My wish finally came true the other day when I was watching Lime-iro Senkitan.

Pythagorean Theorem Proof

It's fun to ponder the various equations on the board while wondering why the animators would bother. They probably knew I would someday watch it and tailored that scene to appease me because I'm cool like that ^_^ As an added bonus, the second number on the top is the gravitational constant G, but you already knew that, right? The only thing that puzzles me is the significance of the first number...

Before you start to wonder what else I secretly hope to see in anime, I point you to the newest spatula.

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