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Grant Goodmorrow

May 30, 2004 / remembering

Most people are out this weekend, so I'll make it quick.

May 27, 2004 / eye

One of the characters in Gad Guard wears an unusual jacket (leftmost pic):

Gad Guard    Gargoyle    Viz Communications

I don't know if he's trying to be creepy (he seems like a nice enough guy), but it certainly has that effect on me. I immediately thought of the character Gargoyle from Fushigi no Umi no Nadia - that guy has problems. The symbol of the eye already makes me uncomfortable because it seems like it's staring at me, scrutinizing my life and actions; I tend to be a bit self-conscious at times. Coupled with the fact that it usually appears on disturbed individuals or frightening creatures (one of the angels in Neon Genesis Evangelion, for example), the related symbolism is reinforced in my mind.

You shouldn't have to guess as to what I think of the new Viz logo...

May 23, 2004 / jess

Not much except for a neat image site, a page on Kokoro Library, and the Pic of the Week.

Yeah, yeah...

May 19, 2004 / confidential

It's fun to see the occasional random use of English in anime - paragraphs copied from text manuals seem to be the most common way to "spice-up" the visuals for the typical Japanese viewer. It's even better when the animators or producers are aware of an English speaking audience and throw out the following from Galaxy Angel TV: Season 3:

Galaxy Angel TV: Season 3

For those of you who are having trouble reading the text, it says

Although this text will be saved if it is not much earnest but can be read and obtain feeling since it is comparatively suitable lit new laughter, when an overseas edition is thing it is for sure,and is the feeling whose the strange Japanese signboard of Asia. I laughed for people in the English area and come out and exist- imagination- not bei Even if it is the...

I know that they know English speaking people are watching; I'm watching them watching me...

But enough of my paranoid delusions, go visit the OS-tan Flash page.

May 16, 2004 / effendi

For those of you into fighting games, I point you to where they're making one based on Maria-sama ga Miteru! I'm not lying either. It's right here (this is a temporary page - the main site is here). It's due out in the summer, and you can apparently fight 2 on 2 like in QoH '99. Curiouser and curiouser. Too bad there isn't a demo yet... ;_;

Okay... for those of you who aren't into the whole Japanese Catholic schoolgirl thing, I give you something more manly, the new Pic of the Week.

May 14, 2004 / american

I noticed an odd sign in Gad Guard:

Gad Guard

Personally, I would probably avoid a place like this. ^_^ I chalked it up to the typical mischief in anime, but the frequent use of English in this series reminded me of something else:

Daa Daa Daa    Daa Daa Daa

In the picture on the right, we have Miyu's mother (holding the wineglass) relaxing at a party in America (Florida, if I'm not mistaken). The enormous noses are the most apparent feature, but you should also notice that the Americans are speaking so loud that you can see their words. I suppose this is to emphasize that Miyu's parents are in America, but it should be clear since they mention it every other episode.

While this is probably the Japanese poking fun at American stereotypes, I note that Daa Daa Daa is an anime aimed at kids; here we can see the subtle perpetuation of mistaken beliefs from one generation to the next. All this time, I thought it was an innocent anime about a baby from space. Clever. Very clever...

May 11, 2004 / challenge

I plan on attending Anime Expo 2004 with some friends, and one of the ways I plan on having fun is to engage in some good old fashioned beating via Queen of Heart '99, Party's Breaker, and Melty Blood. If you don't know what I'm talking about, look here for details. We'll post some flyers about when and where at the con, so keep your eyes open and practice before coming so you don't lose too horribly. ^_^

May 9, 2004 / coffee

Maburaho    THE COFFEE

Forget "The Paper" (sorry, Yomiko) and say hello to "THE COFFEE!" The pic on the left is from Maburaho; the pic on the right is to show that, yes, such a product does, in fact, exist. It seems like the Japanese are starting to reciprocate the adoration that I hold for their animation industry by emulating my first name (those 10 people who read this site, don't write to me telling me otherwise; it's a small dream - at least let me cling to this hope...)

And for those who thought otherwise, NEO-GEO lives on!

May 6, 2004 / !

ME-tan never seems to get any breaks, so I thought I'd use my powers to find her a suitable boyfriend:

Windows ME    Kanata

Saionji Kanata from Daa Daa Daa seems like a nice, stable partner for everyone's favorite, unstable OS...

Oh, I also found another spatula lurking in the depths of my collection of screen caps.

May 2, 2004 / power

As usual, I noticed a trivial detail in anime:

Shingetsutan Tsukihime    Midori no Hibi

When I first noticed the name on the drink machine from Shingetsutan Tsukihime (the picture on the left), I thought it was simply a fabricated name; however, I noticed another instance of the name in a completely different anime - Midori no Hibi. I theorize that the name "power drink" on certain vending machines indicates that it dispenses a particular brand (or brands) of beverages. It's hard to confirm this since I've never been to Japan...

Oh yeah, go look at the new Pic of the Week!

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