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Grant Goodmorrow

April 25, 2004 / chuuka

Quite a few odd things have popped up recently:

The first oddity is a game based on Maria-sama ga Miteru made for the X-Box. Apparently, it's a "Souer Simulator". Hen.

Next up is a cool, but odd, flash video that features many of the OS girls (personifications of Windows ME and such - more information can be found here and here).

Then we come to an updated version of the online manual for Melty Blood .

Hmm... I suppose that isn't odd, so I leave you with the Pic of the Week to make up for that oversight...

April 21, 2004 / kero

I was watching Airmaster the other day, and, as usual, I noticed something curious:

Aimaster    Read or Die: The T.V.    Kanon

I thought, Miori from Airmaster (first picture on the left) sure looks and acts a lot like Anita from Read or Die: The T.V. (middle picture). A shade of red for hair color? Check. Sometimes acts like a brat? Check. Stuffed frog as a favorite plaything? Check. Of course, similarities in characters is quite common in anime, so it didn't seem like a great insight; however, this pointed my thoughts in another direction...

The frog reminded me of Nayuki from Kanon, and that broke the pattern of bratty red-headed kids who like stuffed frogs. Or did it? The hair color aside, all three of these characters act like kids. Nayuki may be in high school, but she still needs to grow up, which was a key point in the development of her character in Kanon. Apparently, the stuffed frog is the Japanese cultural equivalent of the teddy bear in America.

Is this an amazing insight, or the results of an obsessive mind? You decide...

April 18, 2004 / haburashi

Years of research yields another spatula.

The Pic of the Week may not be as cool as Kill Bill: Vol. 2, but it is new.

April 15, 2004 / tokimeki

I wonder if anyone in Japan working on anime actually bothers to check on what they use for English in their anime:

Pursue the Palpitation

I like to think they do it on purpose so English speakers everywhere will look at it and say, "Ha, ha!" (think Nelson from The Simpsons). Thus, we are led to believe that they don't know, which in turn, lures us into a false sense of security, allowing them to steal our auto-making and technological secrets...

Or they probably don't care...

If you haven't checked it out already, go and get Tumiki Fighters.

Oh, and don't forget to watch Kill Bill: Vol. 2. Forget about getting the DVD for now and wait for special "Director's Cut".

April 11, 2004 / nami

Occasionally, I notice the following odd construct:

Tide Breaker

I've collected a few of them from various anime so I made a page for these mysterious concrete blocks. I'd say they're a unique aspect of Japan, but that might be stretching things a bit...

Oh yeah, the usual Pic of the Week is up.

April 8, 2004 / warui

I discovered another spatula and posted another translated comic.

April 6, 2004 / aoi

Sometimes, words on a shirt in an anime are seemingly random, but in some cases I wonder if there is something more to it. For example, take the picture below on the left, which is from Daa Daa Daa:

Daa Daa Daa    Nanaka 6/17

Nothing too special; however, I recently saw the same words in Nanaka 6/17. Was it a coincidence, or did the creators want Miyu and Nanaka to be fashionable? I looked around on Google a bit, but most of the matches I get are for crew shirts that are blue. Kuyashii... I'm sure someone out there knows the truth...

In other news, the guys who worked on Eternal Fighter Zero (Tasofro) are working on a new game with another group called Touhou Suimusou.

For those of you who haven't been keeping up, my favorite Melty Blood English translation group, Revolve, has translated the manual for Melty Blood.

Finally, I've translated a few more comics, so go over to that section if you haven't looked at it before.

April 4, 2004 / shi

I probably didn't fool anyone, but that picture below is a fake (if you visited the Sarumaru Forums this was obvious).

In other date related news, I heard that Galaxy Angel season four is supposed to be released today; season 04 on 04/04/04. I haven't checked if it's true or not, but even if it isn't, at least it sounds cool...

Speaking of four, this is a perfect opportunity to talk about 4chan! The other day, I noticed that someone posted a link to a page that explains many of the in-jokes that pop up on 4chan - it's very educational. I like how they put a link to Waha World where a pic that I made is archived.

Enough four play. I present the next Pic of the Week, which has nothing to do with the number four... Or does it?

April 1, 2004 / baka

A cool screenshot of the new fighting game based on Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night:

Melty Fate

The credit for this screencap goes to Overused Pseudonym from the Sarumaru Forums.

Most of the topics there are about doujin games (not a lot right now, but the forum is pretty new); take a look over there if that's your thing.

One of the newest topics is about combos people made in Melty Blood, so I thought I'd post one that I made (for Version 1.100) here. Save it in the "replay" folder and then select Replay from the Practice Menu in Training Mode.

Also, there's a fun little game where you get to play with lasers, optical equipment, and light bulbs. Don't question, just go!

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