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Real Otaku Heroes

World of Eternity

Grant Goodmorrow

March 28, 2004 / uracil

I finally finished the main content of the Party's Breaker Guide. I am thinking of adding translated win quotes for each character, but it's gonna take a bit of time to screen cap all of them. Sigh.

As usual, strange technology in anime is in English as evidenced by the picture from Scrapped Princess below (yay fusion):

Tokamak Fusion Reactor

Also, there's a page up that collects a lot of the Habanero-tan related pictures and doujinshi.

So as not to disappoint those who were expecting it, I present to you, the Pic of the Week.

March 21, 2004 / ramie

I forgot to mention earlier, but there's another Habanero-tan comic up here (I didn't link to the actual images since the creator asked only to put links to the front page, so you have to look around a bit for the four panel comics and images).

Also, as I was reading about a strange sport called nicknamed "Supochan", I thought it was interesting how the Japanese like to abbreviate many words. For example, there are many anime titles known by nicknames: Sutepri (Scrapped Princess), Marimite (Maria-sama ga Miteru), Karekano (Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou), Puchipuri (Puchi-puri Yuushi), Sispri (Sister Princess), Purikyua (Pretty Cure), etc...

Finally, join a member of GOTT and the Federation for a spot of tea in today's Pic of the Week.

March 16, 2004 / release

Yay! The Melty Blood English REL 1.100E.001 patch that Revolve Translations is working on is out! There is no direct link now since they are releasing it via IRC and Bittorrent, so if that's your thing, go get it now! I'm gonna wait since I'm a very patient person...

It's also cool that I'm listed in their Project Members section. They used some of my translations! Double Yay! So lend these guys a hand if you can translate, or know someone who can translate. The more the merrier!

March 14, 2004 / objurgate

Further proof that no one checks the English in anime.

Or do they?

I also let off some steam regarding a scourge of the internet, and it isn't spam...

March 12, 2004 / H

I finally finished fixing all of the pages, so now I can get back to work on the Party's Breaker Guide (I get sidetracked too easily).

I was watching Ajimu Kaigan Monogatari recently, and I noticed something odd:

Curious Portrait    Having H, in Mind Now

There is a reasonable explanation behind these words, but I think it's better if I don't say what it is; sometimes, the most humorous situations are the ones that stem from misunderstandings. Of course, it probably doesn't help that my mind is in the gutter most of the time...

I also spotted two more of my comrade spatulas!

March 9, 2004 / maintenance

I'm messing around with the pages a bit, so if you notice anything wrong let me know. This is the point where I would say "As if anyone reads this site anyway...", but I did get two fan letters so I can't say that anymore. Thanks to you two, if you still bother to read this site (I didn't post their names so their friends won't ridicule them for being "fans" of mine).

The temps are unusually high in SoCal lately (record high of 93F on Monday), so my brain is a bit fried these days. Of course, you probably won't notice the difference...

March 7, 2004 / luff

Running over 26 miles would make me pretty hungry, and nothing fills me up like the cup of noodles featured in today's Pic of the Week.

Oh, I also saw this interesting website called Otaku Unite from Anime Fringe. I'm surprised that I didn't hear of this before. I guess I'm not a Real Otaku Hero afterall... ;_;

March 5, 2004 / ileum

It's common to see misspelled English words in anime, but sometimes they can't make up their mind. For instance, in Tenshi na Konamaiki, the text on the shirt of a thug starts out spelled "MASCLE".


When the point of view changes in this scene, it's spelled "MUSCLE". It's interesting to see that even if certain frames are relatively close together in the time-line, they can still be inconsistent. Of course, it could simply be something that the animators threw in as a treat to obsessive individuals...

Two days ago, NBC Nightly News reported that McDonald's will no longer "Super Size" any of their combo meals as a response to the latter part of my recent rant. I concede it might be a coincidence, but, at the very least, I'm amused at the timing.

Brandon pointed me to a neat little site with lots of silly pictures - it's all in Japanese, but a good pic transcends the boundaries of any language.

Finally, I updated the Character Menu section of the Party's Breaker Guide - it's just a little bit, but every bit counts, like every person is important, and every heart is not a gentle yet.

If anyone got that last one, I'll be impressed...

March 2, 2004 / deluge

Brandon from insert credit was once again kind enough to link to my other site Real Otaku Heroes on February 29. As I expected, a few people went there to download the new songs. I'm pretty surprised that more than a couple people like them.

While it's cool that people download the songs, they are relatively large, and I hope they don't kill my bandwidth. Although, I probably shouldn't be worried about it. I should probably revamp that website for the new visitors. I admit the layout is lame, but it's more of a storage place for the Real Otaku Heroes songs, than it is an actual web site. For now.

Kitchen Discotheque is my true homepage (despite the fact that it's a subdomain of realotakuheroes.com), so I tend to pay more attention to this site than Real Otaku Heroes.

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