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Real Otaku Heroes

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Grant Goodmorrow

February 29, 2004 / leap

For those of you who happen to be fans of Hello Kitty and H.P. Lovecraft, I present to you, Hello Cthulhu. Even if you're not either, it's still pretty neat.

I did a bit of work on the Party's Breaker FAQ in the character sections, but I got sidetracked working on new avatars and another song for Real Otaku Heroes.

Damn Leap Year... I would've known earlier if I had the watch in the newest Pic of the Week.

February 26, 2004 / spate

Heavy rain usually just brings water, but today, it brings another rant.

February 25, 2004 / melty

In my travels, I found a very informative page about Tsukihime for English speakers. Many spoilers are lurking, so watch out!

February 22, 2004 / guerdon

I did a bit more work on the Party's Breaker FAQ - I added to the character sections for Mizuki, Minami, Yuu, and Eimi. There's still quite a bit of work to do... ;_;

Also, if you haven't seen it already, there's a cool flash animation that features some cool drumming with cartoon girls - with a twist!

Oh yeah, there's a new Pic of the Week.

February 18, 2004 / feldspar

It seems like there is a running joke in anime from the J.C. Staff people:

Pretty Uma DVD    Pretty Uma Game

The first is from Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi, and the second is from Maburaho. I think I've seen another one, but I can't remember where. Forgetting things is a sure sign of old age...

February 15, 2004 / bagasse

For those who didn't notice in the URL bar above, Kitchen Discotheque has been moved to http://kichen.realotakuheroes.com/ - I don't know what's going to happen to Le Jizm, but it will always hold a special place in my heart as the place I really started to get into making web pages.

I also put a pic on the Atkins Madness rant to help illustrate the ridiculousness of it all.

One of my fellow spatulas was horribly disfigured in the Great Kamishiro Rin Cooking Disaster. All in the name of love. Bah! A moment of silence for my injured comrade...

Finally, I give you the carefully selected Pic of the Week as a painful reminder to everyone who had to suffer through a lonely Valentine's Day.

Oh wait, that's just me...

Drive-Thru Speaker: Welcome to Taco Bell Curve. May I take your order?
Customer: Yeah. How's the Gaussian Gordita?
Drive-Thru Speaker: Average.

February 12, 2004 / dismount

Vince pointed me to some curious games called Stair Dismount and Truck Dismount which you can find here. In both of these games, you try to do the most amount of damage by either pushing a guy down a flight of stairs or making him a target/fatal passenger in a truck that slams into a wall. Pretty nifty stuff.

In other news, I put up the framework for a Party's Breaker FAQ. It may take me a couple weeks to finish, so pop in once in a while to check on my progress if you're interested in such a thing.

February 8, 2004 / yegg

I was thinking of working on a page for Party's Breaker (a fighting game on the PC featuring characters from the game and anime Comic Party), but I couldn't find a plugin for Susie to rip the images. Sure I could screencap, but it's a lot easier to work with ripped images. One of the irritating things is that my inquiry in Google for "Party's Breaker" Susie Plugin gave this page as the top hit. Chou mukatsuku! I get the same result if I look for "Melty Blood" Susie Plugin. If any of the four readers of this site has any info on these plugins, could you please send it to me? Tanomu!

Oh well, here's a new Pic of the Week

February 6, 2004 / quean

Once again, Brandon over at insert credit decided to link to my site because of the parody of the Bud Light - Real American Heroes ads that Vince (also from insert credit) and I made (Real Otaku Heroes). You can find the second one and subsequent ones at the new site that I created, which is aptly named Real Otaku Heroes.

I have also created a Kitchen Discotheque Mirror over here. This is mainly so I can post my site places where they have filtered the word "lejizm" *cough*gamefaqs*cough*. I have 49 subdomains left for realotakuheroes.com - still trying to figure out what to do with those...

February 1, 2004 / nepenthe

Well, it looks like the Super Bowl is on, and as a devoted fan, I will spend the day watching anime ^_^ Of course, I only used to watch for the commercials, but I haven't bothered for the past couple of years, so I have no inclination to start again.

Speaking of commercials, there's a new Pic of the Week!

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