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Grant Goodmorrow

December 22, 2004 / pilgrimage


I'm heading up to visit Alaska for a bit, and I won't be around for around a week. Since I might not get a chance to later, I thought I'd post the Pic of the Week a bit early.

I'd love to get readers of this site cool presents, but I'm poor, so instead, you'll have to settle for a link to the demo movie for the upcoming Habanero-tan game as mentioned on Canned Dogs (the 2004-12-18 news item).

What the heck - I'm feeling generous this holiday season. Here's a spatula to show my appreciation for the regular readers of this site.

Don't say I never got you guys anything...

December 19, 2004 / wold

At first, I thought that Hime-chan no Ribbon taught decent moral values to children; however, we can see how having a magical ribbon can corrupt innocent children. Himeko deliberately throws scraps of paper out the window ignoring her lawful obligation to not litter.

Littering is Bad    ALIEN 4

Impressionable young girls in Japan who have magical powers may be inspired by this unlawful act to also commit crimes - judging from the anime I've seen, this is a relatively large percentage of the population. Despite this infraction, I am willing to let it slide since the animators were cool enough to predict a fourth ALIEN movie (Hime-chan ran from 1992-1993 and ALIEN 3 was released in 1992). Further evidence of their inherent coolness can be found in the Pic of the Week. The influence of these two works on Hime-chan is readily apparent...

Further evidence of my inherent uncoolness can be found in the latest spatula.

December 17, 2004 / unibrow

On sunny days, I usually get a headache because I end up squinting my eyes a lot. I can't imagine the amount of pain that Himeko (Hime-chan no Ribbon) and Kazuma (Yakitate!! Japan) must be experiencing in the following pics.

Nonohara Himeko    Azuma Kazuma

I mean, my eyebrows get close together, but they never merge and create a loop; further evidence that anime characters are in a whole other world...

Speaking of whole other worlds, I was perusing 2chan the other day, and I ran across a curious flash video. It features several of the Windows OS girls and is set to the tune of tomorrow, the opening song for Full Metal Panic. This reminded me that I saved links to a page that has a small collection of OS-tan comics and another page that has a more comprehensive collection.

Also, for those of you who didn't already notice, it seems like Soulfang from Revolve Translations is "done with game translations". While I'm sorry to hear that, I do appreciate his efforts in the various projects on that site.

Finally, while it isn't a particularly impressive skill, I spotted another spatula.

December 15, 2004 / murasaki

I know Mamotte Shugogetten isn't a particularly great series, but Shaorin is cute, so I decided to make an animated gif and post it on 4chan. I certainly didn't expect the following image reply from a person by the name of "Edible !EdiBLeFTjA".

Shaorin    Natsume Maya

The image on the right was followed by "Everything makes sense now." Even though my perfectly innocent picture of Shaorin was tainted, I have to give Edible props for making the humorous comparison with Maya from Tenjou Tenge.

While I wasn't annoyed at the latter, I am a bit annoyed that GameFAQs made me fill out a ton of personal information when re-registering my UserName. My desire to communicate with some of the people on the various boards just barely out-weighed my desire to remain relatively anonymous. Of course, they (in the Big Brother sense) probably already know everything about me anyway through the various other things I've signed up for (my grocery club card, for example), so I'm probably just wasting my energy being paranoid...

December 12, 2004 / valance

I was watching Mamotte Shugogetten the other day, and I ran across the following image:


Since I don't recognize what drink this is supposed to be, I first thought of Cialis. Now, before any of the handful of readers start thinking I have a problem, I place the blame completely on the shoulders of spammers. I must have seen over a hundred different variations of the word Cialis, usually mixtures of capital letters and symbols. This really irritates me since here I am trying to watch a perfectly innocent anime love comedy, and all of a sudden I think of a drug that is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Before my train of thought travels into the scarier parts of my mind, I'd better send you to the newest spatula I found, and the usual Pic of the Week.

December 9, 2004 / penurious

Typically, animators want to give their characters the best equipment, but, sometimes due to budget constraints, this isn't always the case. The following two pictures from Girls Bravo and Triangle Heart ~Sweet Songs Forever~, respectively, are examples of the typically tight budgets in animation.


Judging from this, we can see that Girls Bravo has a slightly better budget than Triangle Heart ~Sweet Songs Forever~. I know it's sad since Triangle Heart was better in nearly every way, but who can tell what anime gets a decent amount of money these days? I mean, what makes Girls Bravo so compelling anyway?

Oh, right... I know why. Nevermind...

December 7, 2004 / oden

It's pretty obvious that Akane Maniax is an amalgam of elements from various anime, and as I was wondering why I was watching it in the first place, I was pretty impressed to see the following scene where Gouda bursts into the room shouting, "Teian ga arimasu!" (I have a proposal!)

Teian ga arimasu!

As a fan of Top wo Nerae! Gunbuster, this reminded me of epiosde 5 where Coach Ota bursts into a conference room shouting, "Teian shimasu!" The variation is slight, but it makes me wonder about the origin of this scene. For those of you who don't already know, Gunbuster also borrows a lot from previous works. I suppose I'd have to watch a lot of old Japanese movies to find out, but I wouldn't even know where to start...

So many things are being thrown into the mix, so I'm sure nobody would mind seeing another spatula.

December 5, 2004 / anschauung

I was watching Tsukuyomi ~MOON PHASE~, and I thought to myself, "Hazuki really reminds me of Kokoro from Kokoro Library." So I dug around my screen caps, and did the following comparison.

Hazuki    Kokoro

At this point, I had a sneaking suspicion, so I checked the ANN Encyclopedia and, surprise, surprise, the seiyuu for Hazuki, Chiwa Saito, also did the voice for Kokoro. I never realized my powers were so great... Don't worry though, I'll always use my powers for good, so sleep well, dear citizens.

Before my ego grows too large for you to view this site, check out the Pic of the Week.

December 3, 2004 / lorgnette

For those of you out of the loop, there's a website for Melty Blood Act Cadenza, the arcade version of Melty Blood Re•ACT. It's a bit skimpy right now, so it might be good to check back later.

Zepy, over at Canned Dogs, mentioned that Ashinaga Ojisan is going to come out with a doujin game called Habanero-tan House (11-28-2004).

...a life sim of Habanero-tan, where the objective is to bully her and increase her stress so she becomes more spicy, which will allow you to sell her at higher prices, which will in turn allow you to buy more furniture and stuff.

I'd consider buying that, but I'd feel bad about bullying Habanero-tan... ;_;

I was watching My-HiME the other day, and I noticed two curious things in the same frame.

stall Procedure    (H)ack (M)e!! 3

I think the first picture, which is a typical copy paste of random English (the animators probably just saw something in English lying around and thought it would be neat), is a red herring. The real action is to the right of Natsuki's head; here, we can see another example of the "Hack Me!!" signs from Gad Guard that I mentioned before. I checked the production lists in the ANN Encyclopedia, but I didn't notice any similarities. I wonder if this mysterious sign appears in any other anime and what its origins are. I suppose I'd have to watch more anime to find out...

While I go find better and better excuses to watch anime, go check out the newest spatula.

December 1, 2004 / concupiscent

What better way to start off the holidays, than to talk about two loosely related pictures I found while browsing through my extensive archives. My cousins persuaded me(they paid my admission and drove) to attend Glamour Con on the 20th of November; I took exactly two pictures, both of the same thing. The better of the two is posted below.


Despite scores of scantily clad women running around, the above is the sort of thing that piques my interest. Some of my friends tell me that I'm obsessed with anime, but I like to think that I'm just your average fan. I've told them this before, and they just laugh at me. I wonder why...

Getting back on subject, consider if you will, the following picture I took while at Erotica LA 2004 (which my cousins also paid for) earlier this year.

Do You Teste Me?

I'm pretty sure I don't need to add any commentary here - the picture speaks for itself. This is a poster from Sky High ENTERTAINMENT, but I'm not sure about the name of the girl. The names aren't well-placed on the poster so she could be Rubi Aiba, You Tsutsumi, or Chinatsu Wakase. I suppose I could check, but I leave that as an exercise for those who are interested.

Normally, I wouldn't even consider going to either of the two, but free admission was enough to make me reconsider. It's good to experience new things every once in a while, especially when you don't have to pay for it...

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