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Grant Goodmorrow

November 28, 2004 / doppler

There's something to be said about eating until you feel ill... I'm glad I don't do it that often. The problem with having so much food in front of me is that I have a tendency to eat it even if I'm not that hungry or already full. I think this stems from the fact that I have two brothers (one older and one younger), and if I don't eat food I see right away, then there won't be a chance to have any of it later. Finally, I just have to note that cooking a turkey on a barbecue grill is awesome. Don suggested it, and Vince helped pull it off.

So fine...

Here it comes!   Mmm... soup.   Nani?!

Now, some of you are probably wondering what the series of pictures above from 2x2=Shinobuden of Shinobu feeding Kaede soup is about. If you look carefully at the third picture, not only is the soup still on the spoon, but it doesn't drip off from being held at such a steep angle. Inconceivable! This sort of stuff bothers me because it detracts from the serious and realistic nature of this show that chronicles the events that surround Shinobu, a kunoichi in training.

As I search for other violations of physics in anime, peek at the Pic of the Week.

November 24, 2004 / insidious

While it's easy to imagine the guy in the picture on the left (Silent Mobius TV) having a "HARD MIND", I can't really imagine an elementary kid who's a computer genius to be a "Love Beast".

HARD MIND    Love Beast

I'm sure that some will decry my perpetuation of the stereotype saying that geeks/nerds are unable to get the girls, but that isn't the issue; the real issue is that Kazuma isn't even out of grade school. The producers, in an effort to educate viewers in Japan (and perhaps other countries), hint at how children in Japan have become sexually aware at younger and younger ages over the years. This echoes the observations reported in an article I read in MDN: WaiWai (bastion of respectable journalism). I thought Tantei Gakuen Q was a simple story about kids who want to become detectives; I never would have imagined it to touch upon modern social issues in Japan.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this...

November 21, 2004 / machination

After careful deliberation, I decided that the "J" that replaced the "Shi" in Shima's name (Nov. 17, 2004 post) wasn't mistaken, but was, in fact, swapped from Martin Jigmar's name (Nov. 9, 2004 post). Apparently, the producers from Uchuu no Stellvia and s.CRY.ed are linked in some way; this subtle switching of letters is probably a consequence of their mysterious and devious activities. Something strange is going on here...

Besides me, of course...

I put added some useful links to the Games section under the Melty Blood section to sate all of the newbies. Don't forget to get the newest patch (Ver2.0.0.9a) while you're at it. I haven't tested it out yet, so watch out!

Finally, I give you the highly unanticipated Pic of the Week.

November 17, 2004 / nutria

It's common to see English words butchered in anime - a screencap from a shirt on a thug in Tenjou Tenge (left) is just one of a myriad of examples. What you don't see as often is Japanese making fun of English people using Japanese.


In Uchuu no Stellvia, a Shima fanboy has flipped the character for shi over the vertical axis, so instead of being read "Shima chan", it appears to be "Jma chan". Perhaps this is a subtle commentary on how the Japanese view English fans of Japanese culture? I would suggest not thinking about it too much, but that'd be hypocritical.

You might as well take a look at the newest spatula while I continue to devote most of my thought processes to solving this seemingly trivial clue...

November 14, 2004 / zymurgy

I was watching To Heart - Remember my Memories the other day, and, in a brief burst of nerdiness, I noticed that Professor Nagase was using a computer case (the one on the left) that looks a lot like a Lian-Li case. Upon closer inspection, a few of the details are different, but the same look and feel is there.

Lian-Li?    Unknown Case

Now, the one on the right looks very familiar. I'm pretty sure that I've seen it before in real life, but I just can't remember - just another sign of old age. The important thing to note is that the case changed from one episode to the next. Okay, so it's only important to me, but it makes me think that Nagase is a pc enthusiast, and he likes to change his computer case every once in a while. The more likely explanation is that the animators for the third and fourth episodes are different and the producers didn't notice such a trivial detail.

Yeah... that sounds about right...

Before my old age makes me forget, I give you the Pic of the Week.

November 11, 2004 / uxorious

In another case of very similar looking characters, I submit to you the following:

Mimori    Yomiko    Sheska

The glasses-wearing female bookworm really isn't anything new, but I couldn't help making the comparison between Mimori from s.CRY.ed and Yomiko from Read or Die. I threw in Sheska from Fullmetal Alchemist since she is closer in personality to Yomiko than Mimori - they looooove their books.

This got me to thinking about meganekko, so I did a quick search on Google and found a curious site called Ah! Megane-sama that sports a bevy of bespectacled beauties. Some people like to collect strange things...

I dug through some pics that Gregg took when he was in Japan, and he was kind enough to take a few sharp pictures of some tide breakers for me. I put one of the pics up at the top on that page and added a recent tide breaker that I found - it's kind of hard to really tell, but I'm pretty sure they're there. Of course, it could be like finding faces in textured walls...

For some reason, I feel like watching G-on Riders. While I go feed my subconscious, take a look at the newest spatulas.

November 9, 2004 / obfuscate

At first, I thought that Martin Jigmar from s.CRY.ed had poor sense in choosing his password.


But, as you can clearly see, he switched the "J" to an "S". It's probably due to this very same sharp thinking that he made it to the top. I'd follow his example, but "The Jpatula" really doesn't make any sense; besides, it's not like anyone reads this anyway, so my secret should be safe...

I complained the other day about not playing much Melty Blood Re•ACT, but over the weekend it seemed like everyone wanted to play - I must've played close to 6 hours. I almost forgot how wild the game can get. I like to use Sion and choose her 4th color (she looks like Tessa from Full Metal Panic), but I have to admit that she's not that great compared to the characters. It makes me sad...

Finally, in an effort to feed my appetite for puzzle games, Zefi sent me a link:
(I can't directly link to it, so copy and paste), to a java script game based on Binzume Yousei (Bottle Fairy). The idea is to click on the characters on the "board" with at least 2 of the same to make a match and clear them from the board, but you need 3 or more to score points. Each "match" causes unusable tiles to "push in" from the top and the right to fill in the empty space. A simple and cute game, but it does require some thought to get the characters to line up next to each other in the proper fashion to maximize your score.

November 7, 2004 / liability

Apparently, they're working on an anime based on various net characters and Habanero-tan is one of them. Looks curious...

Not much else to talk about, so you might as well check out the newest spatulas and the 87 rated Pic of the Week.

November 3, 2004 / electoral

As a puzzle fan, I couldn't resist the sweet, siren call of an online game called Flipwords. Anyone who knows me, probably wouldn't be surprised that I found the following within the scrambled mess of letters.


The truly sad part of it is that I hardly play Melty Blood Re•ACT these days - most of my friends are too busy to take it to the next level. I suppose I could work on the theoretical aspects of the fighting engine, but, for me, I only really learn higher-level skills when I am pitted against a skilled opponent; some of my best techniques in fighting games are created and honed during the heat of battle.

I could go on and on about this subject, but instead of torturing you with my words, I'll torture you with the newest spatulas I found.

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