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The Queen of Heart '99 SE - Characters

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Serio  Serio (HMX-13)

From To Heart, Serio is an andriod created by Kurusugawa Industries, Ayaka and Serika's family. She is one of the HM Series Robots (HMX-13) designed to interact with and help people. Unlike Multi, she is quite emotionless.

Stage Name & Details - Game Center ~ Night / There is a picture of Mizuki on the Print Club machine on the left and a picture of Akari on the right one. The "couple" in the middle are Masashi and Serio's classmate, Tazawa Keiko, who only appears in radio edition, Piece of Heart. In the story, the girl had a crush on Masashi and Serio tried to get them together; however, due to Serio's lack of emotions, she failed several times... (In the stage, it looks like Serio finally got them together. ^-^)

Dash Attacks

  • Elbow Lunge - f, f+W
  • Leaping Elbow - f, f+M
  • Explosive Rush - f, f+S


  • Air Drill - d+S (A)
  • Shoe Explosive - df+M

Hissatsu waza

  • Laser Beam - qcf+A
  • Serio Knuckle - qcb+A
    (EX version stuns a standing opponent / It is a Wall Slam for an airborne opponnent)
  • Rising Smash - d, d+A

Chou hissatsu waza

  • 10 Rapid-fire Missiles - hcf+S

Win Quotes

  1. Would you like to witness the greatest potential of the HM Series? I was only operating at 30% of maximum output.
  2. Objective achieved. Now switching over to Battle Mode Level 1.
  3. Neutralization of the opponent's will to fight, confirmed... immediate medical attention required.
  4. Multi-san, don't be concerned about your defeat; it is due to the difference in how we were developed.
  5. Please don't be too harsh. Serika-ojousama, do you have any injuries?
  6. This accident was not anyone's fault. Can you stand, Mistress Ayaka?

Introduction | Config | Title Menu | Fighting Screen | Legend | Other | Characters | Credits

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