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The Queen of Heart '99 SE - Configuration File

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Configuration Icon

There is a config.exe file (icon shown above) that comes with the game. For those of you who are not running Japanese Windows, the layout is as follows:

First Tab (leftmost)

Game Display Properties  Figure 1

  • Selecting this will start the game in a separate window rather than full-screen. The game in window mode is basically a bailout and it is not normally supported. It may not work for some systems.

  • This will start the game in 640x480 - Any machine shows the tendency to move stabilizing to start 640x480 displays in a major screen mode. Only use it when not starting by a usual method. It only causes slowdown.

  • This will select 16 bit color mode - 16 bit mode displays the screen mode using 65,535 colors. A half transparency and the background used while playing a game will be displayed. However, a CPU of Pentium II 266MHz or more is recommended because it takes a lot of processing power. Only check this box if you have adequate resources.

Second Tab

Select Controller to Configure  Figure 2

There are four large rectangular buttons going top down. These buttons are used to set the buttons for each of the four controllers. If you click on one of the buttons, you get the following screen

Map Buttons to Controller  Figure 3

If you select one of these four large buttons, you will go into a sub-menu to set the buttons. On the bottom are three buttons marked Clear, OK, and Cancel. There is a smaller button to the right of the four main buttons in Figure 2. If you click on that button, you will see the following screen

Test Controller Response  Figure 4

that is used to test for response in case you wish to use the keyboard for multiple button response. Press ESC to exit this window. The game may not recognize more than one button push at a time so Figure 4 will show you the responsiveness of your setup. It is suggested that you use a Gravis GrIP Multiport, which you may be able to find on an online auction (the only problem is that there are no drivers for the GrIP for Windows XP). Another solution is to simply use a hub and plug in four USB gamepads. I currently use Microsoft Sidewinders (the gameport version).

Introduction | Config | Title Menu | Fighting Screen | Legend | Other | Characters | Credits

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