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Grant Goodmorrow

February 25, 2007 / dressage

Yet another short update only featuring the Pic of the Week...

Sleep is good...

February 18, 2007 / beefalo

Been pretty busy lately, but I still managed to unearth a tidebreaker and the usual Pic of the Week...

February 11, 2007 / zucchetto

A couple years ago, I bought the CD Single popotan e.p. featuring UNDER 17 and Funta, but I didn't think too much about the significance of the picture on the back.

Funta and Under 17  Beatles - Abbey Road

It was only the other day, when I was at a meeting, that I realized it was a spoof of the cover of the Abbey Road album by the Beatles. The meeting was pretty lame, but I'm glad I went since it helped me make this profound connection. It seems like they put them in the order of similar heights, but it's more fun to think that they're trying to make an association between the individual artists...

While I reconsider the usefulness of going to meetings, check out the newest tidebreaker, spatula, and Pic of the Week...

February 4, 2007 / xanthous

Deeper investigations into (somewhat) mainstream media yielded the following spatulas from Family Guy and the live action version of Nodame Cantabile.

Family Guy  Nodame Cantabile

The game might be afoot, but before I know for sure, take a look at the suspicious Pic of the Week...

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