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Grant Goodmorrow

October 30, 2005 / yapok

I mentioned ARIA The ANIMATION in the previous update to point out a spatula, but I forgot to talk about the mysterious disappearance and reappearance of several of the items in subsequent frames.

Spatula Spatula-less Spatula... kita!

I suppose I could point out the differences, but I leave that as an exercise for you to test your observational skills. This is similar to those ads in Newtype (the Japanese one) where they show you the two pictures and if you can find the differences, you are "qualified" to become an animator at their prestigious institution. Such a rigorous test is beyond most Americans, which is probably why it is so difficult for Americans to become animators in Japan.


Pondering such things is stressful, so I think I'll relax next to the latest tidebreakers while you head on over to the Pic of the Week.

October 23, 2005 / vademecum

Normally, the following pic from Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid would go in my Ads in Anime section of my site, but the innocent switching of an "H" to a "B" led to other triv^H^H^H^H deeper thoughts. Out of all the letters in the English alphabet, why choose "B"?

Pizza But

If I were to create an edgier, more thought-provoking label, I would put, "Pizza, but...". The animation company would avoid lawsuits, create a humorous sight gag, and set the stage for a lively conversation about what words or phrases might possibly follow "but" in one fell swoop. This could happen because anime watchers love to engage in trivial conversations about trivial ite...

Ah, crap. Nevermind...

Uh... you probably need to see another spatula right now, eh? Also, the newest Pic of the Week probably doesn't carry any double meanings...

October 16, 2005 / rickettsia

In Ultimate Girls, the heroines go to a convention, and it's fun to spot some characters from other series. Going from left to right we have the ubiquitous Lum from Urusei Yatsura, the ever popular Lufy from One Piece, and a girl who kind of looks like Serio from To Heart (it's debatable since you can't tell if she has antennae).

Lum?    Lufy?    Serio?

Immediately pointing you to the latest spatula and the burning Pic of the Week, is, in no way, a ploy to distract you from wondering why I watch Ultimate Girls...

October 14, 2005 / quagga

I was rummaging through the junk in my room, and I found something that a few people might find interesting since Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's started airing recently.


I scanned this from the back cover of the Triangle Heart 3 ~Sweet Songs Forever~ Visual Fun Book (ISBN4-7973-1586-5) that I bought a while back, but I forgot that I had it. It's neat to compare this older design to the recent incarnation.

Not that I watch the show...

October 12, 2005 / nidus

I received a curious brown package the other day, and I have no idea who sent it. I checked the package for any signs of it being a bomb, and, fortunately, I found none. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the return address is VeryCoolThings.com, but that just means someone ordered it online and had it sent to me. Curiosity was overwhelming at this point, so I opened the package spilling the contents below:


Apparently, someone decided to send me a copy of the Japanese magazine NET-RUNNER, which comes with a figure of BISCUIT-TAN (a meme from 2chan) in a rather... provocative pose. Thanks to my mysterious benefactor, whomever you are.

For some reason, I feel like going to KFC now...

October 9, 2005 / khedive

On Friday, I met up with a couple friends (~22) at a Korean BBQ restaurant because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Thanks to everyone who came, and thanks for the gifts. Special thanks to Jeremy and Zefi! for letting us crash their place to play a few games.

All You Can Eat Korean BBQ

While it's good to have such a large crowd, we had to split up into two long tables, making it impossible for me to talk to everyone there. They probably think that I'm anti-social now...

Speaking of anti-social, in Girls Bravo: Second Season, I never noticed that they have markers that predict the location of characters in a scene. In the pictures below, the kanji for Miharu is on a window, and then a couple seconds later Miharu appears!

Miharu's Marker    Miharu... deta!

I've never seen this happen before, so it's probably just a mistake... maybe.

I'd better stop rambling now. Mosey on over to the Pic of the Week.

October 5, 2005 / jejune

The forums are back up and running, the only problem is that none of the backups I made work ;_;

I'll be surprised if anyone re-registers again since no one really posts to it...

I may not be popular, well-known, smart, good looking, funny, etc., but at least I have a picture of Saber holding a spatula...

Saber with Spatula and Ladle

As a final note, my Age stat is now +1 ...

October 4, 2005 / helve

The forums are screwed in case you're wondering. I spent a couple hours this morning trying to fix them to no avail, and I have to postpone working on them until later today because of my schedule. Hopefully, I can get them back up and running this evening. I'm very irritated and sleepy right now...

Things aren't completely terrible since I won a limited edition Angela whistle in a contest from Studio Neko-Han-Ten - check out the 17 Sep 05 and 2 Oct 05 entries on the butsu butsu butsu butsu... page. Someday, I hope to be as powerful as nonchan ...

October 2, 2005 / fulmar

I received a curious e-mail the other day from a reader named "Helen"

I found your site today, and I think I might know why it says "tipst" on the t-shirt in the pic you posted on Sept 4...

My guess is this: they're referring to the French teen clothes label Tipster. Just a thought. =)

The thought never actually occured to me. Of course, I know as much about fashion as I do about life on Mars, so it doesn't bother me that much. The most surprising thing is that Helen actually emailed me about it instead of stabbing her eyes out from reading my site - I'm impressed. Anyway, thanks for the tipst Helen.

Just when I thought that would be the only email I'd get about my site for the rest of the year, Le Champ sent me the picture on the left from Tekkaman Blade

Dual Floppy Drives!    EPSON / PIAA

with the following email:

I was rewatching some Tekkaman Blade, and I saw something to further prove your theory about anime and reality. This anime takes place at least 200 years in the future and in a secret military research base in Alaska, they have to use a computer with two 5.25 inch floppy drives. Looking at some of the equipment at work, I can easily see this happening.

You know you're doing something right when people are trying to prove your theories.

The pic on the right from Future GPX Cyber Formula 11 is curiouser and curiouser since we have actual product names rather than slight variations. Now we know who's really pulling the strings...

While I start working on my next theory, occupy your thought processes with the shiny Pic of the Week.

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