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Grant Goodmorrow

November 27, 2005 / eissteddfod

Capeta is a show about racing with music by avex, so I wasn't surprised to see a cameo of the AE-86 from Initial D followed by its support van. Takumi should hop in a Go Kart and teach Capeta some downhill racing skills...

Project D   blue bus

Kaleido Star takes place in a town called Cape Mary, but I keep thinking it's in Santa Monica, California. The abundance of palm trees and the location near the water are enough to make me suspicious, but the appearance of a "blue bus" strengthens this belief. The big blue bus has a very distinct look, so it seems very likely that the producers were influenced by the look of Santa Monica when they were creating this show.

So you don't think that I spend all my time watching anime, I went to the 2005 Japan Expo last weekend. I didn't originally plan on going, but I got a call from idprism where he said, "Hey, you want a free ticket to go to the Japan Expo?" Never one to pass up a free ticket to a convention, I said "Absolutely!" Now, this wouldn't have been such a big deal, but the next day I get a call from another friend saying, "I need you to volunteer at the Anime Expo booth! You'll get a free pass into Japan Expo, we'll feed you, and it'll bring everyone closer to world peace!!" Attacking my weak spot by offering me food is kind of a low blow, but I took up the offer anyway. idprism gave the other ticket to someone else, so it all worked out well; although, I hope he doesn't think I don't appreciate offers for free tickets...

Japan Expo 2005  Spatula in the Wild

It was small and quaint, but it only took me a couple hours on Saturday to see everything that I wanted to really see; eating sake manju (thanks Leland) and taking a pic of a spatula in the wild were the highlights for the day. I spent most of Sunday hanging out at the Anime Expo booth asking people to fill out surveys. Fortunately, most of the people I asked didn't run off screaming "There is no God!" after seeing me...

I suppose you should probably take a look at the latest spatula, and the nutritional Pic of the Week.

November 20, 2005 / civet

At first, I thought that the target audience of Fancy Lala was simply that of young girls who were mostly ignorant of older pop-culture, but certain things appeared that made me change my mind.

nter The Dragon   Bruce Lee   Das Boot   LUM RAISIN

While references to Bruce Lee are common in shoujo manga and anime, I was surprised to see Das Boot. I'm still not sure what relevance such a movie has to the magical girl genre. This is clearly an indicator that I have much to learn about that segment of Japan's population.

In the final picture on the right, the reference to the fiesty, tiger-striped bikini clad alien from Urusei Yatsura is a bit too obvious for my tastes, but it does look tasty...

Neighboring anime fans insisted upon going to Gaja Okonomiyaki after hearing useful stories about its existence. The chance that I might be able to wield a spatula larger than the ones last time was another factor in my decision to return. I was not disappointed.

Big, Medium, and... Medium

While the big one that I'm holding isn't quite as large as I would like, it proved its metal in battle. Besides, it's not the size, it's...

Before I actually complete that line of thought and bring shame upon all who have ever read this site, take a look at some spatulas, a tidebreaker (generously donated by En-Cu-Kou), and a completely non-unique Pic of the Week.

November 13, 2005 / bubo

The other week, I was at IKEA, and I noticed an item called Signum. The creators of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's were probably at IKEA wondering what to call a girl who carries around a whip-sword and were inspired when they saw the pen tray...

I had a bit of spare time recently so I cleaned my room a bit and took some pictures of my recent acquisitions. First up is the BISCUIT-TAN model I received a month ago.

BISCUIT-TAN   angela whistle   Mishio with Stick

The middle picture is the limited edition angela whistle that I won from Studio Neko-Han-Ten (thanks again nonchan). It's surprisingly difficult to whistle Asu e no Brilliant Road with it, but I suppose it just takes practice...

For the third picture, I was at Anime Jungle a couple weeks ago when I spotted a figure of Amano Mishio. Naturally, I had to buy it since I use her in Eternal Fighter Zero (EFZ). For those who don't play the doujin fighting game EFZ, Mishio uses a spear (I still don't know why). The fact that one of the colors makes the spear remind me of a spatula did not, in any way, affect my choice of using this character. Unfortunately, I don't have a spear for her, so I put the stick to remind me to get someone to make one for her. In the meantime, I need to practice my combos with her...

My final thoughts for the week are on my recent visit to Gaja Okonomiyaki.

Dual Spatula Action!!

While I've had okonomiyaki before, I've never actually tried to fry one up myself, so that was a pretty fun experience. I was adventurous and tried out their "Pork, curry, & cheese okonomi-yaki". Curious but good. The only drawback is that the restaurant is a bit of a drive from where I live so I can't go there that often. ;_;

When it rains, it pours, and I have plenty of new stuff: a comic, a spatula, a tidebreaker, and a Pic of the Week.

November 6, 2005 / zabaglione

As I was watching Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~, I wondered what exactly they were trying to do with that show. It seemed serious enough, but the frequent occurance of strange things threw the mood off. I suppose they really weren't trying to be that serious given all of the falling pots, wash basins, and abundance of "neko mimi". When filming equipment starts to show up in the frames, I think that's a definite indicator of something weird...

Microphone Boom  Film Crew Stuff

Speaking of magical girls, the company that "Lala" works for in Fancy Lala is called lyrical production inc. What does this have to do with anything? Well, it makes me think of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. You can see other similarities in that picture I posted before between Miho and Nanoha. I know that Nanoha borrows from a lot of other shows so I wonder if the creator was partly inspired by this.

lyrical production inc.    Spatula-less

Finally, Raven from the World of Eternity forums was playing Fate/hollow ataraxia when he noticed a spatula (lower left) during one of the attacks, proving the offensive capabilities of a certain type of kitchen utensil. Sure there are others there, but they are merely distractions for the real attack...

Okay, enough blabbing... I present the latest spatula and often mentioned Pic of the Week.

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