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Grant Goodmorrow

September 24, 2006 / ninon

I was amazed at the level of detail the animators put in a bunch of soda cans in Ouran High School Host Club.

Mountain of Soda

Of course, the quality of this show has been consistently high, so it's not that much of a surprise...

My quest to find my brethren in anime has turned up two spatulas. All that searching made me thirsty, so I'll partake in the Pic of the Week...

September 17, 2006 / lamella

When I saw the following pic on insert credit, my first thought was "Ooh! A spatula!"

cooking mama

Then I realized what a truly sad individual I am.


I'm going to change my ways by not looking for another spatula, tidebreaker, or Pic of the Week while watching anime!


September 10, 2006 / jingo

The first pic, from Coyote Ragtime Show, isn't exactly like what I mentioned before, but it's close enough to make me wonder. I think I've actually seen this exact sign before, but I can't remember where...

SPEED ROW  No picture for Pachira!  jipoka.co.jp

The other two pics are from Renkin 3-kyuu Magical? Pokahn, which reminds me of a low-key version of Galaxy Angel. The first was interesting because of the subtle humor of trying to take a picture of a vampire, and the second shows what appears to be a website, but it really isn't. Darn.

While I try to "kick it down a notch", check out the latest tidebreaker and the less-traveled Pic of the Week.

September 3, 2006 / hierophant

Niina from Tona-Gura! was sharing her POEM textbook with Marie which seemed normal enough until they showed what was actually in it.

LESSON 12 | ~ Let's go fishing! ~

Since it's a bit difficult to read, I'll post what I think it says. On the left page, it says

LESSON 12 ~ Let's go fishing! ~

Which do you like Righteye flounder or Bastard halibut?

form of criminal activity using social engineering
by attempts to fraudulently
passwords and credit

A wicked little pun about phishing schemes. Bravo, Japan. Bravo. Apparently, this is a more advanced poem textbook. It's amazing what they teach kids in Japan these days...

On the right page, it says

Forecast Data
Data Analysis & Delivery Applications
DataBuffet analysis and delivery applications
feature robust, simple-to-use user interfaces
that allow you to quickly find.

Our databases contain more than 165 million
economic, financial, and demographic time series
serving more than 180 countries and thier sub-
regions. Accuracy and timeliness are two of the
hallmarks of Moody's Economy.com economic
databases. Our dedicated Data Services staff
regularly runs data accuracy routines to verify

It's interesting how easy it is to find the actual website that this text comes from. Advanced search technology rules...

In another episode of Tona-Gura!, Kazuki reminded me of Tama-nee from ToHeart2.

Kazuki  Tama-nee


While I try to come up with a counter to that deadly move, take a look at the latest Pic of the Week...

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