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The Queen of Heart '99 SE - Fighting Screen

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Gauges on Top  Figure 1

The information at the top of the screen shown in Figure 1 above consists of three main parts

  • A = The 3/4 ring is the Guard Gauge. Every time you block, the ring will decrease; when the ring disappears (i.e., Guard = 0%), the screen will flash yellow and you will no longer be able to block for a split second. Another consequence is a partially filled power guage will go to zero (e.g., 4 1/2 will be reduced to 4, but will not go below that). Your Guard resets to 100% immediately, but you still need to avoid any hits during this brief time interval. Keep an eye on this if you're blocking a lot.

  • B = Name of the character

  • C = This yellow bar is the Physical Strength Gauge.

There is also a gauge on the bottom of the screen as seen below in Figure 2

Gauge on Bottom  Figure 2

Normally, this gauge says Power, but in certain cases it can read something else (eg., Ruriko's says Denpa, which means Electric Charge). The gauge starts out empty (i.e., transparent) and the counter on the right is set to 0. Every attack that you do against your opponent will build up this gauge (multiple hit combos will cause a faster rate of increase) and the number will increase from 0 up to 9, indicating how many "Full Bars" you have stocked. Each character has special moves called Hissatsu waza (Certain Kill Technique). A more powerful version of this move (referred to as an EX version) can be done using 1 full power bar. There is also the Chou hissatsu waza (Super Certain Kill Technique) which requires 3 full bars.

Introduction | Config | Title Menu | Fighting Screen | Legend | Other | Characters | Credits

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