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The Queen of Heart '99 SE - Introduction / Disclaimer

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This document is meant to be a comprehensive overview for the fan-made PC fighting game, The Queen of Heart '99 SE - Dream Match Never Ends, copyrighted © by Watanabe Seisakujo. In turn, the characters appearing in this game are copyrighted © by Leaf. This document gives information on every character despite the fact that you need to unlock several of them.

Queen of Heart '99 - Dream Match Never Ends is the sequel game to Queen of Heart '98, which parodies The King of Fighters '98. Both games are fighting games, partly based on the Asuka 120% game engine, that use the characters from various Leaf games. The games used, from oldest to newest are

  1. Filsnown - The first game created by Leaf, released August 1995. An RPG game featuring the "Warrior of Light," Tiria Frey. Tiria is the main boss of Queen of Heart '99, but you can only reach her if you win 7 matches without losing any rounds.

  2. DR^2 Night Janki - It features 7 girls that you must defeat in Mahjong. It is no longer available, but the characters are featured in the later relese Night Writer (see section below).

  3. Shizuku - The first game in the Leaf Visual Novel Series, released June 1996. You play a boy who is a senior in high school. One day, a classmate, Oota Kanako, goes crazy and cuts herself up (this is the reason why she has bandages); she is subsequently put in a mental ward and is suspected to have abused drugs. As more students start to act strange, you are asked to be a secret investigator by your uncle, who is a teacher. The characters used are Shincho Saori, Aihara Mizuho, Oota Kanako, and Tsukushima Ruriko.

  4. Kizuato - The second game in the Leaf Visual Novel Series, released July 1996. You are visiting your four cousins, the Kashiwagi sisters (from oldest to youngest - Chizuru, Azusa, Kaede, and Hatsune), who live in the countryside near a hot spring. A mysterious murder occurs and you go to investigate when you are unwittingly drawn into mystery after mystery eventually discovering a disturbing secret about your family.

  5. To Heart - The third game in the Leaf Visual Novel Series, released May 1997 and became a 13 part OAV in 1999. You play a boy named Fujita Hiroyuki who is childhood friends with Kamigishi Akari. During high school, you meet various girls with whom you will try to meet and talk with. The characters used are Kamigishi Akari, Kurusugawa Serika, Hoshina Tomoko, Nagaoka Shiho, Matsubara Aoi, Serio, Multi, Himekawa Kotone, Miyauchi Lemmy, Hinayama Rio, Kurusugawa Ayaka, and Sakashita Yosie.

  6. Hatsune no Naisho! - A 2 CD set that contains mini-games related to Shizuku, Kizuato, and To Heart. This also includes the RPG-style game Leaf Fight '97, which consists of the player trying to gather up many of the girls from the various Leaf games similar to Pokemon.

  7. White Album - Release date, May 1998. You play a university student, but your girlfriend from highschool, Morikawa Yuki, is starting to become a very popular idol singer. Unfortunately, her popularity puts a strain on your relationship; you must either try to maintain the relationship or find someone else. The characters used are Morikawa Yuki and Ogata Rina.

  8. Comic Party - Release date, May 1999. You play a boy who is gradually pulled into the world of making doujinshi (fan-made comics). However, your friend from high school, Takase Mizuki, is against this and tries to convince you not to take the path of The Dark Side. ^_^

  9. Inagawa de Ikou!! - An amusement CD collection with characters and stuff from Comic Party and White Album. The game Night Writer is also included with this CD. Night Writer is mainly a typing game featuring Corin. You battle demons from Dr^2 Night Janki by typing words for your attacks.

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