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The Queen of Heart '99 SE - Characters

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Yosie  Sakashita Yosie

She is from To Heart, and is the president of the Karate Club. Aoi works hard to earn her respect since Yosie doesn't much care for "Extreme Fighters." Her moves are based on the character Torami from the all-girl fighting game Asuka 120%.

Note - If any combination of Aoi, Ayaka, or Yosie are on a team, a special BGM will play for that team, no matter what stage you have selected.

Stage Name & Details - Karate Doujou

Dash Attacks

  • Shin Kicks - f, f+W
  • Elbow Smash - f, f+M
  • One-Two Combo - f, f+S


  • Heel Drop - f+S
  • Mid-air Counter - f+S (A) (Wall Slam / Cannot be blocked in the air)

Hissatsu waza

  • Haouken - qcf+A
  • Souryuken - d, d+A
  • Flying Heel Drop - qcb+A (a)
  • Shinkuu tobi ashitou - d, d+A (A) (EX version partially stuns)

Chou hissatsu waza

  • Lightning Dragon Shockwave - hcf+S

Win Quotes

  1. Your conviction in this fight is worthless! If you're regretful, you should work on your skills!!
  2. I didn't think of it, but... I even took it seriously. Anyway, that was still a match.
  3. It seems like you're not that bad... But if you think that you can defeat my karate skills, you should end that line of thought
  4. (Aoi, LF97 Aoi) You see the strength of Karate now? You can't be dizzy forever, so hurry up and snap out of it!
  5. (Ayaka) It's like I told you. I'm not playing around. As you are now I can't lose... There's no way you can beat me!
  6. (Rapid Ayaka) That outfit... are you trying to make fun of me? This is worse than I thought. I don't find this funny at all.
  7. (Mizuki) What the...? You look familiar... did we have a match before?

Introduction | Config | Title Menu | Fighting Screen | Legend | Other | Characters | Credits

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