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The Queen of Heart '99 SE - Characters

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Aoi  Matsubara Aoi *Alternate

She is from To Heart. A practitioner of "Extreme Fighting", she dreams to fight on the same level as her idol, Ayaka (the "Queen" of "Extreme Fighting"), and gain respect from the Karate Club President, Yosie.

Note - If any combination of Aoi, Ayaka, or Yosie are on a team, a special BGM will play for that team, no matter what stage you have selected.

Stage Name & Details - Shinto Shrine / Sakashita Yosie is standing in the background of Aoi's stage.  If Sakashita is selected, then she won't appear in the background because she's fighting.

Dash Attacks

  • Dashing Punch Rush - f, f+W
  • Lunging Punch - f, f+M (Wall Slam)
  • Tumble Smash - f, f+S


Hissatsu waza

  • Flaming Aerial Double Kick - qcf+A (a)
  • The Body is Sweet - qcb+A (final hit is a Wall Slam)
  • Hollyhock Special - dp+S x3 (uses only 1 bar / first hit stuns)
    This works as follows: dp+S will make Aoi do a palm strike (animation from her EX The Body is Sweet). After the short pause, another dp+S will cause her to slide to her opponent's back and hit them again--after that hit, a final dp+S will knock the opponent down with a twin palm strike (the opponent will be stunned at this point). All dp motions must be done from the original direction Aoi was facing - i.e. from the right, it'd be right, down, down-right + S, three times in a row. At any point in the SPoD Aoi can cancel to one of her other EX moves or to her super, but it is likely to miss.

Chou hissatsu waza

  • Hollyhock Slam Dance - hcf+S

Win Quotes

  1. I won't forget about you or this match! I.. I want to become much much stronger!
  2. That was a very educational! I would be honored to have another match!!
  3. I, I'm very sorry...And I was supposed to take it easy on you...
  4. I, I won...I beat Ayaka-san...w, what should I do!?
  5. (Hatsune) Ah, ah, ah!? This person... she appeared in a movie I watched with senpai... (There is a scene in To Heart where Aoi and Hiroyuki go to the movies and one of Hatsune's scenes, a reference to Kizuato, the predecessor to To Heart)
  6. (Rapid Ayaka) Ayaka-san? What is that form...? Could it be a new type of training? I wonder if I could do that too...
  7. I'm very sorry, Yosie-san... I...I'm trying to follow Ayaka-san!

Lf97 Aoi  Leaf Fight '97 Aoi

Here, Aoi is wearing the outfit she had in the RPG-style Leaf game Leaf Fight '97. Some of her animations have been changed, notably for her qcb+A punch rush - it now looks like Kyo's hcb+P from King of Fighters '99-Evo/2000, but otherwise she remains the same. Aoi can also supercancel her EX moves into other EX moves or her super.

Win Quotes - The same as the normal Aoi.

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