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The Queen of Heart '99 SE - Character Menu

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Just click on a character in the menu below to find out more about her

Saori Mizuho Ruriko Hatsune Kaede Azusa Chizuru Mizuki Akari Serika Tomoko Shiho Aoi Yuki Serio Multi Kotone Lemmy Rio Ayaka Rina Character Select

The following three hidden characters can be found off-screen to the left of the leftmost column or to the right of the rightmost column:

Tiria  Corin  Sakashita

Please Note:

Note: The convention ..\ indicates the path leading to QOH99.exe where Queen of Heart '99 is installed.

  1. In the character descriptions, their names are listed as [Family name / Given name].
  2. Several characters have alternate forms which you can select by holding down the fourth button (X in the Legend) as you make your selection. If a character has an alternate form there will be an asterisk next to her name, and you can find that character on the same page as the original (e.g., Oni Chizuru is below the entry for Chizuru).
  3. I have translated the various winning quotes for the characters. The numbers correspond to the .img files that are in the path ..\SYSTEM\WINMES (the SYSTEM folder can be found with the folders for the characters). For example, the quotes for Saori are listed as SAO_MES1.IMG, SAO_MES2.IMG, etc. These are not normal image files; you need a program like Susie with the appropriate plugin (I used Susie 0_46 with the plugin QOH99PLG.SPI included in the following file to extract the images).

Introduction | Config | Title Menu | Fighting Screen | Legend | Other | Characters | Credits

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