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The Queen of Heart '99 SE - Characters

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Akari  Kamigishi Akari *Alternate

She is the main character from To Heart. She is the childhood friend of the male lead. She is the typical "cute girl who likes to cook and will make an ideal Japanese wife." She is very sentimental about bears since Hiroyuki gave her one when she was very little. She calls Hiroyuki "Hiroyuki-chan" - a childhood nickname. Her moves are based off the character Asuka from the all-girl fighting game Asuka 120%.

Stage Name & Details - The Path to School / There are various characters in the background. From left to right are Nagase Gengorou (creator of Multi and Serio) from To Heart), Fujita Hiroyuki (from To Heart), and Satou Masashi (also from To Heart. (PS: Mr. Nagase has a brother who works in Ruriko's school - he is Nagase Yusuke's uncle.)

Dash Attacks

  • Two Punch Combo - f, f+W
  • Two Punch Upper - f, f+M
  • Overhand Smash - f, f+S (Wall Slam)


  • Flicker Jab - b+S
  • Flying Side Kick - f+S (A)

Hissatsu waza

  • Ladle Throw - qcf+A
  • Pot Throw - qcb+A (a)
  • Chemical Impact - d, d+A
  • Mach Jab - A repeatedly

Chou hissatsu waza

  • Bear Throw - hcf+S

Win Quotes

  1. I see that you fight to gain fame...but what does that have to do with me...?
  2. That was a very close match. My desire to win was just a little more than yours... that's all.
  3. Hey, didn't you think that was a magnificent match! I knew that the heroine would be just like this. Just kidding!
  4. Shiho...why did you attack me like that... is this your personality coming out...don't be so mean. Try to be a little bit nicer, okay?
  5. (Yuki) As usual, you didn't fall apart. But that CD single is your limit. I still won't hand over the lead role to you yet.
  6. (Mizuki) Huh? That's it? If that was all you had, I'm disappointed.

Young Akari  Osage no Akari (Pig-tailed Akari)

This is the younger version of Akari. Her pot-bombs are not doable in air, and they have severely reduced ground range. Also, she does not have the normal Akari's Flying Side Kick or Mach Jab (see above). Her Level 3 super is now a very short-ranged rush-combo similar to Rina or Aoi. She is also slightly faster, and it is easier to do combos than the older version.

Win Quotes - The same as normal Akari.

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