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The Queen of Heart '99 SE - Characters

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Saori  Shincho Saori

She is a classmate from Shizuku. She is nicknamed "Saorin" (a cute way of saying Saori) and is a very cheerful girl to offset the moody atmosphere of Shizuku. Her moves are based off of the character Ryuuko from the all-girl fighting game Asuka 120%.

Stage Name - Gymnasium

General Tips - Saori is a bit slow, but her moves are great for cancelling out opponents' attacks.

Specials Description / Notes
Air Throw - b+S (A) The typical air throw.
Fiery Smasher - f+S (A) Useful for adding in some extra hits, but it's mostly for show.
Overhead Smash - f, f+W A great move to use against crouch blockers since it needs to be blocked while standing. It's useful for smacking an opponent in the ground after stunning her, and it is somewhat useful as an anti-air move.
Sliding Uppercut - f, f+M An excellent move for starting an air combo since it partially stuns.
Diving Slide - f, f+S Good for sliding under a projectile attack, or hitting an opponent who is walking forward or backward since it covers a lot of ground and hits pretty quickly.
Hissatsu waza  
Fireball Spike - d, d+A Useful as cover fire for your partner since it hits at a downward angle. Not so useful in 1 on 1 since it's easy enough for an opponent to walk or dash underneath Saori as she jumps up into the air. If you're closer than throwing distance and perform this move, Saori will first hit the opponent up in the air then the incoming volleyball will hit the opponent. The EX version stuns.
Quick Driver - qcb+A Perhaps her most evil move, this hop-to-grab attack not only comes out relatively fast, but she is invincible while she is holding the opponent. An invaluable attack when fighting two people since it gives you time to plan your next attack. It's easy to go overboard when using this move since it's so powerful and useful. The EX version stuns.
Chou Hissatsu waza  
Hyper Tackle - hcf+S Blah


Win Quotes

  1. Sheesh, how pathetic. If it's just me showing off, you'll just end up looking pretty sad; couldn't you try just a little bit?
  2. Hm hm hm ~ whom do you think I am? I am the original VN (Visual Novel) Heroine, "Saorin!"
  3. My Fireball Spike is invincible!
  4. (Ruriko) It seems like you get treated like a heroine around the world, but, from this fight, it's pretty clear who the real heroine is! I, Shinchou Saori, am the true heroine, and don't you forget it!
  5. (Ayaka) Huh... you...? Hmm ~ that's weird. I'm sure we met somewhere before a while back... Is it just my imagination?
  6. (Mizuho) You won't stand out if you're not prepared; the two of you need to be flashier ~ I like you though. Well, there's always next time.

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