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The Queen of Heart '99 SE - Characters

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Mizuho  Aihara Mizuho *Alternate

She is another classmate from Shizuku. Mizuho is the best friend of your classmate Kanako. Kanako has bandages on her face since she cut herself up after going crazy.

Note - Mizuho can use the fourth button (X in the Legend) to "activate" Kanako. When active, Kanako will move while Mizuho stands still. Both can take damage; when knocked down returns to idle stance (lying down). When idle, the moves will move her from where she lay; if she can't reach the opponent, she will move a distance then fall over. Kanako will fall over if she tries to dash. If either Mizuho or Kanako are knocked down by an attack, then the other will also fall over.

Stage Name - Courtyard

Dash Attacks (Mizuho)

  • Teleport Dash - f, f+W
  • Launch Kick - f, f+M (Partially stuns)
  • Overhead Bag Smash - f, f+S

Dash Attacks (Kanako)

  • Poleaxer - f, f+W
  • Sliding Uppercut - f, f+M
  • Front Power Kick - f, f+S


Hissatsu waza

  • Kanako will grab on and chow down - qcf+A
  • Improper use of a fire extinguisher - qcb+A
  • Tandem Attack - hcb+ST (Requires 1 bar)
    During the start of the Tandem attack, inputting a series of button presses will cause Kanako to do that sequence of attacks after rushing the oppponent.

Chou hissatsu waza

  • An unspeakable act of violence - hcf+S (in Stand Mode)
  • Censored xxx - hcf+MS (in Stand Mode)(press MS together)(Requires 9 bars)
    This move can't be done with Kanako only. During this move, Kanako will take off her clothing and...

Win Quotes

  1. Uhm.. I wonder if that injured person is all right? I'm very sorry. This happened because Kanako-chan can't hold back at all right now...
  2. Eeek! Ka, Kanako-chan!! Don't! Don't do that!!!
  3. Kanako-chan is my best friend... although, she sometimes does things like that...! It's horrible!
  4. (Kanako) You look a lot like Kanako-chan, but surely you're not related to her. I'm sorry for saying strange things...
  5. [There is no MIZ_MES5.IMG]
  6. [There is no MIZ_MES6.IMG]
  7. (Tomoko) I'm willing to share my cheerfulness with you... but, at least put some effort into trying to imitate me. There's no way you can be as strong or as cute as me!

Kanako  Oota Kanako

She is from Shizuku. She is a girl who went insane and cut herself up. All of her moves are the same as before when using her with Mizuho, but there is no Mizuho around so you don't have to switch between the two.

Win Quotes

  1. ..............
  2. Mizuho...sorry...
  3. Heh heh heh...bhwa, hwa...aha, ahahahahaha
  4. Hey, how can anyone stand it? [This refers to the thing that was bothering Kanako enough to make her go crazy]

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