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The Queen of Heart '99 SE - Characters

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Tomoko  Hoshina Tomoko

She is from To Heart. She is the class representative and is a bit reserved and a no-nonsense type. She speaks with a Kansai accent (non-standard Japanese) and is carrying a halisen (the Japanese equivalent of a slapstick - makes a loud noise when it hits, but it doesn't really hurt). A halisen is used in a comic routine called tsukkomi, where two people are talking about something and one of them makes a stupid comment (the boke) prompting the other person (the tsukkomi) to yell "Nan de ya nen!" (What the hell?!) and smack the boke with a halisen and then correct him. This is a typical comedy routine in the Kansai area of Japan (west of Tokyo).

Stage Name & Details - Front of the School Gates / The girls in the background from left to right are Yoshii, Okada, and Matsumoto from To Heart; these three tend to cause trouble for Tomoko.

Note - Tomoko can air dash

Dash Attacks

  • Fan Smash - f, f+W
  • Slide Kick - f, f+M
  • Fan Upper 2 - f, f+S


Hissatsu waza

  • Flying Slice - dp+A
  • Deadly Raise - qcb+A
  • Flaming Halisen - qcf+A (EX version stuns)
  • Shooting Star Kick - d, d+A (A) (EX version stuns)

Chou hissatsu waza

  • Flaming Halisen of Truth Strike Against Misbehavior - hcf+S

Win Quotes

  1. This match taught me nothing! I suppose it's to be expected from an idiot...
  2. ...such a low-caliber fight, I wish my opponents would think before fighting me
  3. Work a little harder on your skills... you will never win if you don't use your brain.
  4. (Aoi) Man, you're really pretty sad. Even if you study hand to hand techniques, it still won't do you any good.
  5. (Mizuho) Looks like glasses-wearing girls are everywhere... but there should be only one; you're just a spin-off.

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