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The Queen of Heart '99 SE - Characters

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Azusa  Kashiwagi Azusa

One of four sisters from Kizuato. The girl in the background of her stage cheering her on, Kaori, tends to be overly "friendly" with Azusa.

Stage Name - Front of Train Station

Dash Attacks

  • Dashing Elbow - f, f+W
  • Punch Combo - f, f+M (final hit is a Wall Slam)
  • Overhand Smash - f, f+S


Hissatsu waza

  • Oni no kobushi - qcf+A (EX version stuns)
  • Herculean Strength - qcb+A
  • The Pulverizer - dp+A
    The Pulverizer can be followed by another EX attack by hitting f, b, or d+S during the last hit. This will follow up with a straight punch Hurricane (f or b) or a hammer fist Iron Hammer (d - this move stuns). Doing any direction+S after the first hit of The Pulverizer will cancel into the Sliding Punches but they'll miss.

Chou hissatsu waza

  • Certain Kill - hcf+S

Win Quotes

  1. Try not to feel so terrible. This power is very special... An ordinary person just can't win.
  2. Heh heh! I can fight you as many times as you want, but you should know, more than me, that you won't win.
  3. Damn! It's as if I'm just bullying you! Practice more so you can be strong enough to just "fight."
  4. (Chizuru) Heh heh, how was that? No matter how many times you come at me, don't you realize that it takes more than brute strength to defeat me?
  5. (Hatsune, Kaede, Delinquent Hatsune) You'd better stop there. You're good, but you're still too immature to fight with me.
  6. (Aoi, Ayaka, Yosie) No matter what style of fighting you use, you're just an ordinary person, right? Don't let this defeat bother you.

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