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The Queen of Heart '99 SE - Characters

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Yuki  Morikawa Yuki

The main character from the PC game White Album. She is the girlfriend of the male lead, who is trying to support her dreams of becoming an Idol Singer. Rina is her rival in both singing and love.

Note - If Yuki and Rina are placed on the same team, then the BGM will automatically play the song White Album from the game White Album for that stage, no matter what stage you choose.

Stage Name - Stage

Dash Attack

  • Tumbling Scissor Kick - f, f+A


  • Idol Double Uppercut - f+M
  • Guard Kick - f+S (a)
  • Air Throw

Hissatsu waza

  • CD - qcf+A (EX version stuns)
  • CD Barrage - qcb+A (a)
  • Idol Somersault - dp+A (a)

Chou hissatsu waza

  • Rina Crusher - hcf+S
    Perhaps one of the most bizarre supers I have seen; an image of Rina will appear behind your opponent and then Yuki and Rina will proceed to argue over a guy. If your opponent happens to be Rina, then the dialogue will be MUCH longer TWICE the damage will be dealt out - HOWEVER, Yuki will take HALF of that damage herself. Beware! The translated dialogue is as follows:

    Short Version

    • ??

    Long Version

    • Yuki: How could you do such a thing...
    • Rina: I don't know what you're talking about...?
    • Yuki: Listen
    • Yuki: I want to speak honestly with you
    • Rina: But, but Touya...
    • Yuki: Just listen!
    • Yuki: My feelings for him are real. ???
    • Yuki: I'm in love with Touya.
    • Rina: I slept with him...
    • * Yuki slaps Rina at this point.
    • Yuki: How could you!
    • Yuki: How could you, Rina! You knew how I felt and you still did it..
    • Yuki: I... I love him... even though you know that I love him how could you say such a thing...!?
    • Rina: ... ... ...
    • Rina: ???
    • * Rina slaps Yuki at this point
    • Yuki:
    • * Yuki slaps Rina one last time

Win Quotes

  1. There are some things you just don't want to give up. I understand... that's why I... uhm, forget it, it's nothing.
  2. I can feel them, your strong feelings... however... since I have someone I care for (I can't lose)...
  3. You can't make fun of an idol! The daily lessons aren't just for show!
  4. (Akari) As usual, your cheerfulness hasn't left you... but you don't seem to know when to give up, eh? Your days are finished, you just don't realize it!
  5. That was a good match Rina-chan! But I won't lose to you when it comes to either music or Touya-kun...
  6. (Mizuki) Hah, another powerful opponent has entered the competition... even though I am the most perfect Heroine of the newest Leaf creations...

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