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Party's Breaker - Character Information

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Asahi Sakurai Asahi

A popular idol singer who also has her own radio talk show called Childish an Hour (this name was also used for the name of a band in Episode 2 of the To Heart anime). Despite her flashy outfits, she prefers to wear ordinary stuff like overalls (as seen in her Chou Hissatsu waza and in the background of Mizuki's stage in QoH '99, dressed in overalls). She also tends to stutter when she gets flustered. Some of her moves are similar to Yuki and Rina from QoH '99.

Stage Name - Night Park

General Tips - Asahi is best played up close and personal. She throws CDs that don't do much damage so you should use them mostly for distraction.

Specials Description / Notes
Idol Uppercut - f+B A two hit move that launches the opponent in the air; however, you can only do a follow up attack if you perform it during the first hit, since the second hit makes her stand still for a second. The recovery time after the second hit is long, so be careful!
Air Throw - b+C (A) An air throw.
CD Blade - f+C She swipes her CD in an arc that has a little more reach than her normal melee attacks. Also useful for adding a pause in a combo for timing purposes.
Hop then Chop - f,f+B A short hop followed by a downward chop. A useful counter to a low attack.
Jumping Knee - f,f+C A jumping knee that leads into a kick that knocks the opponent behind Asahi; not too useful in a combo since the opponent is knocked away.
Hissatsu waza  
Idol Somersault - d,d+Z (a) A flip kick attack that is useful as an anti-air move that can be done in the air. If you perform this move without comboing into it, the final hit will look like it stuns, but it doesn't.
CD Throw - qcf+Z Asahi throws a single CD. The EX version stuns.
Scattering CD - qcb+Z (a) On the ground, she throws five CDs spread in a 90 degree arc up and forward; in the air, she throws five CDs spread in a 90 degree arc down and forward.
Heel Kick Press - rdp+Z Asahi jumps across the screen performing a back flip that leads to several kicks with her heel; however, the time for the first hit is relatively slow, so it's easy to see it coming. It is possible to cancel this move after the first hit into an Idol Somersault or a Scattering CD (listed above).
Chou Hissatsu waza  
The Real Me - f,hcf+C An image of her in overalls appears in a field of wheat, then dashes across the screen to deliver a "haymaker". Heh. Unfortunately, the startup time is long, and it's relatively easy to dodge so it's best to keep your opponent occupied before the hit.


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