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Party's Breaker - Startup

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PB Icon

Upon launching the program, you will encounter the following screen:

Diagnostic Screen

As you can see, this is simply a readout of your system specs (no jokes about my setup please ^_^). Party's Breaker requires DirectX8 or higher to work. You'll notice that the option "Run in Full Screen Mode" is currently checked on the bottom left. "Run in Window" is only selectable if the "Display Mode" is set to "16BitColorMode".

Click "OK" to start the game, and you will get the typical "Warning" splash screen below

Warning Screen

For those who are curious, it says, line by line


This game is an off-shoot (meaning secondary work--a work based off something else) work by Doujin Soft Circle Watanabe Productions.

There are cases where this game uses settings and characters inherent in the original work (the commercial games by Leaf), but the development, distribution, and new (original) aspects of this game are in no way associated with the companies Leaf/Aquaplus.

Please refrain from inquiring (about this game) to either company (Leaf/Aquaplus).

If I mistranslated this, or anything else on these pages, please drop me a line so I can fix it.

Introduction | Startup | Menus | Fighting Screen | Legend | Other | Characters | Credits

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