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Party's Breaker - Character Menu

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Just click on a character in the menu below to find out more about her.

Suzuka Mizuki Minami Yuu Eimi Aya Asahi Reiko Chisa Ikumi
Peach Subaru Reiko '94

The characters in the first row are normally selectable, except for Suzuka (on the far left) and Ikumi (on the far right) who you must unlock before they appear; details about how to unlock characters are in their profiles. The characters in the second row are "hidden" - you select them by pressing D when the cursor is over the character above in the first row.

Note: It is possible to fight Hinomori Azusa from Pia Carrot; you must get 10 perfects with the difficulty set to Nightmare without losing a round before stage 8. If you can do this, she will replace Ikumi as the boss; however, this is impossible if you set the number of rounds to 1 because that means you can only get 7 perfects at most. The only way to play as Azusa is through the use of the "Trainer" that you run while running Party's Breaker (similar to a Game Shark) - it worked for me in Windows '98, but it apparently doesn't work at all in Windows XP.

Introduction | Startup | Menus | Fighting Screen | Legend | Other | Characters | Credits

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