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Party's Breaker - Character Information

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Chisa  Tsukamoto Chisa

The clumsy but cute-type who always trys her best, Chisa is reminiscent of Multi and Rio. Chisa helps out in her family's printing shop. Her trademark saying is "Nyaa", something that cat-girls typically say, hence her cat-like moves and attacks (when she isn't randomly falling on her face); this is probably why her moves are similar to Felicia from Darkstalkers. She also appears in the background of Mizuki's stage in The Queen of Heart '99.

Stage Name - Front of Tsukamoto Printing

General Tips - Chisa has quite a variety of moves and is relatively fast so hit and run attacks are probably your best bet. Be careful of forward dashing since she is unable to stop during the forward hop and cannot attack or defend during this time.

Specials Description / Notes
Wall Cling - b when hitting wall Chisa can hold onto the wall for up to 3 counts before she starts to slide down. In order to cling to the wall, Chisa must have a horizontal component to her motion. For example, if she is jumping straight up with the wall to her back, she won't be able to hold onto it. From this position, you can perform her Chisa is Spinning attack by pressing C.
Burning Onigiri - f+C Chisa attacks with a giant, burning onigiri (rice ball). Good against crouch blockers. The slight delay is useful to fake people out.
Body Press - d+C (A) From the air, Chisa will fall straight down in a body slam move, but the recovery is relatively long, so make sure you hit your opponent.
Jump to Scratch - f,f+B Chisa will jump forwards and scratch; useful as a combo starter since it will first hit high, then as she falls, you can attack low immediately - most forget to block low. Also, since it hits high, a crouch blocker will be easy prey.
Shove - f,f+C Chisa will knock the opponent away so this isn't very useful for combos.
Hissatsu waza  
It's the Delivery, Oniisan! - qcf+Z Chisa tosses a box up in the air that arcs back down towards the opponent. The stronger the attack, the farther it flies. In the EX version, a random number of boxes flies into the air; if you catch an opponent in the air and Chisa throws a lot of boxes, it's possible to kill your opponent only using this move! Thank goodness it's random...
Nyaa! I can't stop! - qcb+Z Chisa pulls out her trademark cart with boxes on it and loses control of it towards the opponent. Useful as a set-up for a combo since Chisa lets it go allowing you to attack while the opponent is forced to block or jump over.
Chisa is Spinning - qcf+Z (a) If performed on the ground, Chisa spins in a ball toward her opponent along the ground; if performed in the air, Chisa will travel in a down-forward direction. The EX version goes in a straight line towards the opponent, making it very useful.
Uppercut - A,B, or C This is a follow-up move to Chisa is Spinning (above) - upon impact, if Chisa's body is touching the ground, and you press the button you originally used for Chisa is Spinning, Chisa will execute a jumping uppercut (e.g., qcf+A then A). Common sense should tell you not to do this if they block the first part.
Chou Hissatsu waza  
PLEASE HELP ME - hcf+C Several children come by and beat on the unfortunate opponent. Sometimes, the little girl who runs away last falls down, and then her mother will run in and carry her away.
Stage Details  

Print Shop

The sign reads "Tsukamoto Printing", the name of the Chisa's family business. Are the two Mizuki and Kazuki? Hmm...

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