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Party's Breaker - Character Information

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Mizuki  Takase Mizuki

She is the main character from Comic Party. She is a friend of Sendo Kazuki (the character you play as) who is against him becoming a doujinshi (fan-made manga) artist; she wants you to concentrate on your studies at the university. In Comic Party, there are some scenes where she plays tennis, hence the racket. Her Chou hissatsu waza is a parody of a time in the game where she CosPlays as "Card Master Peach", which is an obvious parody of Card Captor Sakura. Her moves are based off the character Tamaki from the all-girl fighting game Asuka 120%. Mizuki also appears in QoH '99.

Stage Name - Front of the University

General Tips - Speed is one of the key factors in using Mizuki effectively. Always be on the offensive, going for the hit and run attacks. Her racket gives her a good amount of reach, so note the distance to prevent close-up melee fighting.

Specials Description / Notes
Side Slash - f+C A horizontal swipe with her racket that is a useful ranged attack, but has a long recovery time.
Grand Swipe - d+C (A) A downward swipe that can only be done in the air that will hit an opponent in the down-forward direction. If she hits the ground without recovering, she's a sitting duck; if she hits the wall, she can recover with a button push.
Hop then Grand Swipe - f,f+B A short hop followed by a move similar to the Grand Swipe above. A useful counter to a low attack.
Racket Upper - f,f+C A lob return that slides forward on the ground. Only useful in a combo at the end since Mizuki pauses too long for any follow-up attack.
Hissatsu waza  
Hundred Breaking Serve - qcf+Z (a) She serves a tennis ball that arcs up slightly at the end. The EX version hits multiple times. It can be performed in the air. A typical fireball-type attack.
V Attack - qcb+Z A multi-hit ground attack where the motion of the racket looks like a V. A useful attack for covering distance on the ground or if you need some extra hits in an attack cancelling battle.
Lob Disruptor - d,d+Z Hits an opponent from the ground up into the air then ends with a horizontal swipe. A decent anti-air move.
Homing Dynamite - qcf,uf+C (1 Bar) Similar to the Hundred Breaking Serve above, this one requires 1 Bar and can only be performed in the air, but it homes in on the opponent.
Chou Hissatsu waza  
Oshirisu the Dragon of the Heavens - hcf,dp+C She dresses up as Sakura from Card Captor Sakura and summons a Dragon that rains lighting from the sky all over the screen (it seems like the strikes are random). If you hit her before she can transform, you can stop this attack.
Stage Details  

Mizuki's Friends

Two of Mizuki's friends from the university.

Yuki and Touya

The pair on the left are Fujii Touya and Morikawa Yuki from the game White Album.

My Brother!

The guy on the left is Kuhonbutsu Taishi, a "friend" of Sendo Kazuki.

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