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Party's Breaker - Character Information

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Ikumi  Tachikawa Ikumi

In Comic Party, Ikumi buys one of the first copies of Sendo Kazuki's doujinshi manga. She later writes him saying that she likes his work, further encouraging him in his endeavors. Apparently, Ikumi has been sick a lot and she reads a lot of manga and books.

To unlock Ikumi, note that in the album there is a stat that tells you the number of times you have played a particular character. If the total number of times played is greater than 100 (all the characters combined), you need to beat the game with Reiko with the difficulty level set to Normal and Hard.

Stage Name - Big Site Rooftop

General Tips - Ikumi isn't a boss because she's a slouch in the fighting department. Her power and variety of moves makes her a formidable opponent. She also has an air dash and can triple jump. I also made up some of the names for her moves since they aren't explicitly named. ^_^

Specials Description / Notes
Oniichan! - Tap forward on impact Ikumi summons her older brother, Yuuzou, to block the attacks of her opponent.
Hop then B - f,f+B Ikumi does a short hop followed by a jumping B attack. A useful counter to a low attack.
Hop then C - f,f+C Ikumi does a short hop followed by a jumping C attack. A useful counter to a low attack.
Hissatsu waza  
Rocket - d,d+Z Ikumi summons a little rocket ship that will fire lasers at the opponent whenever you press an attack button. As the ship fires, it will slowly move off the screen, then disappear. Normally, she can summon 2, but she can summon up to 6 with the EX version (they come out in pairs).
Psycho Crusher - b,f+Z (a) Based on Vega's move from Street Fighter II (M. Bison in the English version), Ikumi charges up then flies horizontally. You can perform this move in the air, but it requires 1 bar from your Technical Arts Energy. The EX version of this move causes Ikumi to slowly descend from the sky, but you can control where she will land on the screen by pushing left or right.
Ikumi Beam - qcf+Z The typical fireball type attack, except it's a bit harder to dodge since it's a solid beam and it comes out rather fast. It may hit a lot, but it doesn't do a lot of damage. Mostly useful to demoralize your opponent.
Catch - qcb+Z Ikumi launches an energy ball that floats across the screen that will "catch" the opponent if she isn't blocking. The speed of the energy ball depends on the strength of the attack.
Chou Hissatsu waza  
Grim Reaper - f,hcf+C Ikumi does a quick change into hospital clothes and some people from the hospital come and place her on a bed. After this, Death appears and swipes its scythe creating a crescent shaped attack to go across the screen for a minimum of 6000 damage (up to around 7500)! If the opponent is hit by the hospital bed, she will be stunned, so watch out!


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