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Party's Breaker - Character Information

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Eimi  Ohba Eimi

Eimi is a very popular doujinshi artist, part of the doujin circle Cat or Fish. She will sometimes call herself "Ohba Eimi-chan-sama" (chan is an affectionate term, while sama is appended to someone whom you really admire or respect - you would never use these terms on yourself, only for other people, which shows how Eimi's arrogance). Her trademark saying is "Chou mukatsuku!" which means "I'm super irritated!" She has a bit of a rivalry with Yuu and makes fun of her by calling her an "Onsen no Panda" (Hot Springs Panda), referring to the fact that Yuu's parents own an inn with hot springs. She also appears in the background of Mizuki's stage in QoH '99.

Stage Name - Front of Shutter

General Tips - Rushing the opponent and using the Upper Kick to launch an opponent is a common strategy - I prefer to attack with a low sweep and go for an air combo or start with the Round Kick and decide from there.

Specials Description / Notes
Queen Heel - d+B (A) A downward angled kick useful in starting air to ground combos.
Upper Kick - f+C A close-up attack, this will launch the opponent into the air; be careful of the long recovery time.
Air Throw - b+C or d+C (A) The b+C version will throw the opponent in a short arc in the air behind Eimi making it possible to attack again. The d+C version is similar to a Pile Driver, after which, Eimi jumps away from the opponent.
Special Throw - u or d during throw. Instead of launching the opponent across the screen, if you press down during the throw (b+C), Eimi will drop the opponent on the ground next to her; if you press up during the throw, Eimi will launch the opponent straight up. Use this as an opportunity to combo.
Hop then Kick - f,f+B A short hop followed by a kick. A useful counter to a low attack, but it knocks away a standing opponent.
Round Kick - f,f+C The first part of a 3 part attack. She brings her foot up then swings it in a downward arc.
Sonic Edge - d+C The second part of a 3 part attack. While Eimi is performing the Round Kick (see above), input this command and she hit the opponent with a giant ruler.
Spinning Edge - f,df,f+C The third part of a 3 part attack. While Eimi is performing the Sonic Edge (see above), input this command and she will strike horizontally with a giant fountain pen, knocking out jewels from the opponent. These jewels will converge on Eimi adding to her Initiative Bar.
Hissatsu waza  
Queen Pen - qcf+Z A standard fireball attack.
Tornado Mirage Kick - d,d+Z Eimi hops up and forward a bit then, if she lands on the opponent, after which she does a flip kick; if she misses, she just hits the ground. This attack is useful against people who crouch block a lot since it hits high, but they need to be around 2 player's widths away or it will miss.
Queen Tornado - qcb+Z (a) She rises off the ground diagonally up, and can be performed 3 times in a row with either A or B. The 3rd hit of the A version will knock the opponent to the ground while the 3rd hit of the B version typically misses, but they do the same amount of damage so it's better to use A. The C version can only be done once if you don't have any bars stocked, so it's not as useful.
Chou Hissatsu waza  
I Don't Need THAT Help - hcf,f+C She will rush the opponent and lay the smack down until Sendo Kazuki comes by and pulls her off, about 16 punches later.
Stage Details  

Cat or Fish?

Boxes of the highly popular group Cat or Fish.



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