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Party's Breaker - Character Information

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Minami  Makimura Minami

Minami is in charge of the titular Comic Party convention that takes place at Tokyo Big Site. She makes sure none of the fans get out of line. She is the archetypal "Oneesan" (Big-Sister) character. She sports a visor with a built-in walkie talkie and carries a baton for directing people around in the convention. She also appears in the background of Mizuki's stage in The Queen of Heart '99.

Stage Name - Inside Comic Party Assembly Hall

General Tips - Minami doesn't move very fast, but she can dish out a lot of damage. A good Minami player is patient, so take your time and wait to counter attack.

Specials Description / Notes
Sitting There is Prohibited - f+C (a) She flips over and kicks down, hitting the opponent to the ground.
Air Throw - b+C (A) An air throw.
Hop then Kick - f,f+B A short hop followed by a kick. A useful counter to a low attack.
Side Kick - f,f+C A kick that will knock the opponent away.
Please Don't Stand Inside the Line - qcf+Z A grab then throw move varying from low to high, depending on the attack strength used. The C version is a good anti-air move and it puts the opponent next to you so you can attack them on the ground. The A and B versions launch the opponent across the screen making it difficult to do a follow up attack.
Hissatsu waza  
No Tresspasing There - rdp+Z A plyon will fall from the sky and land on the screen. The delay is long so this move isn't very useful. The EX version sticks to the opppnent if you hit her into it or it lands on her allowing you to freely beat on her.
Please Follow the Staff's Directions - dp+Z She jumps off the ground in an up and forward direction swinging her batons around. A typical anti-air attack.
Don't Stand Still There Please - qcb+Z This will catch the opponent and throw her in the air only if she is either standing or kneeling. Minami will miss an opponent who is lying on the ground or flying through the air.
The Final Blow - d,d+C (1 Bar) This move can only be performed as a follow up to the EX version of Don't Stand Still There Please (see above). The opponent will be stunned if she hits the ground.
Chou Hissatsu waza  
The End of the Line is Here - hcf+C Minami pulls out a sign that normally says "End of the Line" and a crowd of fans run by trampling the opponent while the words "Please Don't Run in the Assembly Hall" with the subtext "The Staff". If you are close enough, the sign will hit the opponent and stun her, leaving her hopeless against the deluge. Sometimes, the sign will have a picture of Akari with the word meaning "The Secret's Out".
Stage Details  

Azusa and Friend?

The girl near the middle looks like Azusa. The robot looks familiar, but I'm not sure. There also seems to be a picture of Chisa in the back.

Haruka and Misaki

The girls on the left and right are, respectively, Kawashima Haruka and Sawakura Misaki; both are from White Album.


The girl in the center with waving her arms is Mizuki Mana from White Album.


Kanoso is a game that is a parody of the famous dating sim (which later became an anime) Kanon (made by Key). The character shown is a parody of Tsukimiya Ayu.

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