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Eternal Fighter Zero - Nonsense from the author...

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One of the pros of EFZ is its large collection of CGs (although some of them are advertisements). Here are some of my favorites:

Michiru Kick!    EFZ REVENGERS
Makoto and Mishio    Shiori and Kaori
Ultrayukito and Ayu    Two-sword style... completed!
Mayu    Mai and the Moon
Ayu and Friends    Sad Misuzu
EFZ-UG-X    65 HIT

Notes: The "Mai and the Moon" one is a parody of when Mai jumps from a building's roof and slashes a monster. The "65 Hit" one is a parody of a famous scene from One. Misaki says, "The sunset is beautiful, isn't it?" then Kouhei replies, "Well, it's just 65 points for me."

According to Twilight Frontier news, Eternal Fighter Zero is still "incomplete". Ummm... since there are still three vacant stages, I'm not surprised. But it is said the next release will contain characters from CLANNAD. Who knows when they make the next release...

You know, you can't select the boss characters in the latest version. I have a bad memory of playing Arcade Mode with the difficulty set to Hard. I was having good time beating the boss stage, then, all of a sudden, I was down... WTF?! Maybe everyone who plays EFZ has the same experience. So someone made a crack that enables you to select the boss characters. You want it? Don't cry, onii-chan will give it to you for free.

For those who have the official movelist and can read Japanese, they may find out that I RENAMED THE MOVELIST!!

Why? Is it because I hate the Japanese?

Well, I like having fun, so I thought I'd turn those boring names into funny ones. If you play various fighting games, you will know what I am thinking about. If you want to see the original names of the moves, go to GameFAQs.

EFZ doesn't have Window Display Mode - it's pretty frustrating. Don't worry though, someone made a tool that will enable you to play in Window Mode, but its language is Japanese... Anyway, you still can get it here (it's a link at the top that leads to a file called D3DWindower.lzh)

Introduction | Config | Menus | Legend | Fighting Screen | Other | Characters | Blah | Credits

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