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Eternal Fighter Zero - Configuration File

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Configuration Icon

There is a config.exe file (icon shown above) that comes with the game. For those of you who are not running Japanese Windows, the layout is as follows:

Configuration Panel

  • The 1P/2P control is easy should be easy enough to figure out.
  • The first option is CPU Level, which sets the difficulty. The only major difference I see is in the boss stage; when you set it to EASY, the boss stands around like a dummy. (WTF!)
  • FPS... if your machine is really old enough, then select 30.
  • Effects: The first option is Disabled, and the second is Enabled. If your computer was made in the last century, then you should probably select Disabled. I won't blame you.
  • Damage Level: 50%, 100%, 200%. If you want to feel the beatdown, then select 200%
  • Max Round Counts: 1, 3, 5. Nothing new here.
  • Start the game in 640x480: The default is 320x240.
  • Config Profile: Not much to say here, except you can switch profiles quickly while playing by pressing F1~F4.
  • Finally, the three buttons: Save and Start, OK, Cancel.

Palette Editor Icon

Also, there is a pal_edit.exe file(icon shown above). It is used as a character color editor. Here is the layout, so if you want your characters look messy, go right ahead. ^_^

Palette Editor

Introduction | Config | Menus | Legend | Fighting Screen | Other | Characters | Blah | Credits

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