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Eternal Fighter Zero - Fighting Screen

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Fighting Screen

The above is the fighting screen. The details are as follows:

Top Bars

The top bars consist of five parts:

  1. FPS: If it's below 50, then your mechine is REALLY OLD (according to Twilight Frontier, the recommended CPU is a Pentium II 300 or higher).

  2. HP Bar: The bluish bar in the center. You know what this is right? A full HP Bar is 10,000.

  3. Name of the Character: Below the character's picture. Don't tell me you can't read English...

  4. Win Counts: It's common sense...

  5. Special Bar: Some of the characters have a Special Bar (the one below the HP Bar) that shows their special ability or something. It'll be mentioned in the movelists.

Bottom Bars

The top bars consist of three parts:

  1. Level Bar: The largest bar in yellow. Your powerful Special Moves and Exceed Move require this.

  2. Rush Bar: The bar on the bottom that is partially red. It can be in three states: blue charging, red charging, and full. When it is blue charging, you can't do Rush moves; when it is red charging, you can do Rush move ONCE (after that it will return to blue charging); when it is full, it's your lucky time.
    Note: If you are hit, your Rush charging will be stopped or even reduced.

  3. Guard Pressure: The middle bar. Every time you block, this bar will increase. The higher your Guard Pressure is, the more damange you will receive when you get hit.

Stun Bar

This is the Stun Bar. If you are hit by moves that can "Stun", this bar will appear. If the bar is flashing red, you can tap attack buttons to recover. If it is green... sorry, you can't recover.

Introduction | Config | Menus | Legend | Fighting Screen | Other | Characters | Blah | Credits

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