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Eternal Fighter Zero - Other

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There are some terms that are used in the movelists, but you might not know what they are...

  1. Wall Slam: If your foe hits the wall, she will be bounced back and stunned for a long time. Very useful for comboing.

  2. Ground Slam: Your foe will kiss Mother Earth, becoming stunned on impact. Chance!

  3. Invalid: You know this. If your foe is performing invalid moves... may God have mercy on your soul...

  4. Stop: Stops your foe from attacking.

  5. Unblockable: Very simple. Doom for your foe, that is...

  6. Curse: Drains your foe's HP for 6 seconds unless you are hit.

  7. Halt: Your foe will become stunned like a statue for a short time.

  8. Dummy: Your foe will become stunned for a long time... a very good chance to make a killing.

  9. Blow: Your foe will be blown into the air.

  10. Float: You will float in the air without doing anything. If you miss the percious shot, then you are dead.

  11. Double: You will make extra attacks.

  12. FIRE!!: Your foe will be blown, stunned, and perform some VERY FUNNY poses. Have fun comboing!

  13. SHOCK!: Like FIRE!!, but the stun time is shorter.

  14. Freeze: Your foe will be frozen, much like Halt.

  15. Counter Move: You can successfully perform this move only if your foe hits you.

  16. Strict Timing: As its name implies, exact timing is required or you'll easily miss.

  17. Grab Move: Since you can't do Yoga, you should be close to your foe...

  18. Striker: If you have played KOF 99~2001, you will know how this works.

  19. Just Defense: Like Guard Break Mode in King of Fighters NeoWave, you will have a chance to break the foe's attack if you guard 0.15 seconds before you are hit (a flash and a sound will be the indicators).

  20. Instant Cancel (IC): Like Super Cancel Mode in King of Fighters NeoWave, you can cancel your moves by pressing 22 + H. Note: This will cost your FULL Rush Bar to perform.

  21. Rush: While performing Normal Moves with Heavy Attack, if your Rush Bar is ready (in Red Charging or Full) you can do this advanced move. Most of them inflict more damange.

  22. Special Moves: All special moves requires at least ONE LEVEL to perform. The higher the level, the more powerful your moves become.

  23. Exceed Move: No explanation if you have played SVCChaos.

Introduction | Config | Menus | Legend | Fighting Screen | Other | Characters | Blah | Credits

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