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Eternal Fighter Zero - Character Information

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Kano Kirishima Kano

A resident from Air. She lives with her older sister, Hijiri, who runs a clinic and a dog named Potato (Yukito thinks it's an alien).

Yukito is curious about the handkerchief tied on her right wrist. Kano tells him that handkerchief has a special power that will enable her use magic if she never removes it until becoming an adult as long as she. "It's probably her sister just playing a prank on her," Yukito thinks.

Yukito never suspects that the handkerchief has an actual "purpose"...

Author's Note: Kano doesn't actually use magic in either the game or the anime of Air.

What She Likes: Animals, Hijiri, Balloons

Stage - Shiraho Shrine (Day)

General Tips - Kano's moves are powerful, but charging is really annoying. Watch your Magic Bar all the time.

Special Bar - There is a Magic Bar below Kano's HP bar. If you want to perform your magic moves, you must get a full Magic Bar. Pressing S or 236 + S with a full Rush Bar will make Kano charge. If you perform magic moves without a full Magic Bar, Kano will automatically charge before performing her move.

Note - Kano can automatically charge her Level Bar while idle or moving (idle charges faster), so it is very easy to get a full Level Bar.

Normal Moves   Effects / Notes
N.B. 6 + H Can IC.
D.N. 2 + A(A) Can IC.
L.B. 236 + A(Magic) Can IC. SHOCK!
F.B. 214 + A(Magic) FIRE!! Rush: Double
C.B. 421 + A(Magic) Can't IC. Freeze. Rush: Double
Special Moves    
F.B.L. 236236 + L(Magic) Lv.1 move. Can IC. FIRE!!
F.W. 236236 + M(Magic) Lv.2 move. Can't IC. FIRE!!
M.S. 236236 + H(Magic) Lv.3 move. Can't IC. FIRE!!
F.D. 214214 + L(Magic) Lv.1 move. Can't IC. Freeze. Stun.
F.N. 214214 + M(Magic) Lv.2 move. Can't IC. Freeze. Stun.
S.G. 214214 + H(Magic) Lv.3 move. Can IC. Freeze. Invalid.
T.S. 641236 + L(Magic) Lv.1 move. Can IC. SHOCK! Hold L to adjust.
J.T. 641236 + M(Magic) Lv.3 move. Can't IC. SHOCK!
L.O.V. 641236 + H(Magic) Lv.3 move. Can't IC. SHOCK!
S.W. 22 + M(Magic) Lv.2 move. Won't be hit by normal attacks for 10 seconds.
S.S. 2141236 + A(Magic) Can't IC. Stun.
Exceed Move    
M.O.S. 2141236 + S(after Just Defend) Strict timing.
When performing this move, a quote will appear: "She is... my precious... so... at least... let me end this... by myself."

Win Quotes Translation
1. テン ニ トド ケ ヨ
アマタ ノ ネガ イ
ツバサモツ モノ トワ ノ ソラ ヘ ト
THOSE WITH WINGS TO THE ENDLESS SKY (Kano is possessed while talking like this)
2. うわー… ゴメン
2. Uwa-... sorry
It's because of the small mistakes you made...
3. かのりん大勝利だぁ! 3. Kano-rin's great victory!
4. ちゃちゃっと朝飯前なんだよぉ! 4. I eat people like you for breakfast!
5. どすこーい! どすこーい! どす…
5. Dosukooi! Dosukooi! Dosu...
6. (To Sayuri) 魔法が使えたら…
うん 悪くないと思うよ
6. (To Sayuri) If you can use magic...
you're probably not evil
But your way of thinking seems different
7. (To "Unknown" Mirror Mizuka) 何も変わらないってのも良いんだと思うよ
8. (To Kano) よーし
8. All right!
I hereby appoint you "Kaorin Body Double No. 1"
After all that trouble, I kind of want more...

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